How to Tune In

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Listen to New Life Live on the Radio:

Search our Radio Station Listing to see if there are any radio stations in your area of the country.

New Life Live radio is broadcast on several stations across the country. If there are no radio stations in your area, please visit our New Life Live Broadcast page to listen online. Click here for the radio station listings.

Listen to New Life Live Online:

Listen to New Life Live on Satellite Radio:

Channel 131
Mon-Fri at 10:00AM (pac)

Channel 1005
Mon-Fri at 11:00PM (pac)

Watch New Life Live on Television:

NRBTV Network – 12:00PM ET
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

NRBTV is carried on: Direct TV – channel 378. This channel is part of Direct TV’s Basic package.

Sky Angel satellite – channel 126. This channel is part of their “Faith Package”

The WalkTV – 2:00PM ET (Weekdays)

The WalkTV is a nation-wide television network designed to educate viewers “to better comprehend and appreciate their rich Judeo-Christian legacy and to apply such principles to their daily lives.” The WalkTV reaches 41,502,904 broadcast homes through 220 Broadcast Affiliates.

TV20 – 12:00PM MT (Weekdays)

KTMW TV20 is a family friendly television station broadcasting from Salt Lake City, Utah. We air a variety of Christian and secular programs designed to fit the culture and needs of the community. We strive to present quality family programming such as children’s, health, music, and educational programs along with solid Bible teaching and local call-in programs. KTMW TV20 began broadcasting in 2001 and continues to reach Utah and parts of Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho through digital broadcasting, Comcast Cable, Dish Network, and DirectTV. Visit TV20 online.