Are Married People More Depressed?

A recent study made headlines saying that married people are more depressed than single people.  We disagree! Click the image below to watch some thoughts that Steve Arterburn has about the subject and let us know what you think.


An Atheist Versus Christian View of Life

Last week, Steve shared this great image below about the way Atheists and Christians view the world depending on which way you read the prose.  It was a big hit, so he recorded a show about it too. You can watch the show here


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Are Married People More Depressed?
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Spanking our Children

Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. – Proverbs 13:24

Parents often ask me, is it okay to spank a child or does spanking harm them for life? Here’s my answer below. Watch now.

Mothers of the Bible

Mothers of the Bible

The Bible is not known to feature women very prominently and the ones that are mentioned with the exception of Mary (the mother of Jesus) are not exactly the heroine type. They were broken and flawed yet God chose them to fulfill His plans and purpose.

Eve – the Mother of all Mothers. Conned by the serpent she lives on in infamy for causing the fall of man. Created out of the rib bone of her mate, Adam, she was intended to be a companion and helper but when she helped herself to the fruit of the tree of good and evil, her world was irrevocably changed. It must not be forgotten however that she was the Mother of all mankind. The first woman to endure the grueling pains of childbirth; she was also the first mother to feel the heartache of having her son murdered. While we can pin the fall of man on Eve, we must admit that she was a pioneer in a world with no operating instructions. She had no mom to consult about her children’s childhood diseases, no babysitters and definitely no Motherhood for Dummies books. As flawed as Eve was, she has some valuable lessons for us. As women we are vulnerable, vulnerable to Satan and His plans to destroy our marriages and families. We are most vulnerable when we are alone, hence staying connected with our spouse, family, church, friends and other women is important. We must protect ourselves by being discerning, we become discerning by knowing and studying the word of God. Our knowledge of what God’s truth is for our lives gives us an edge when the enemy comes to rob, steal and undermine God’s truth. I believe that God brought restoration to Eve when she bore Seth, whose heritage can be traced to Jesus. The Savior of the world was born to the line of the first woman who had chosen to disobey Him. Now that’s Redemption!

Sarah – Mother of the Nation of Israel. The promise that God made Sarah might have seemed a little far-fetched, just a tad crazy even. He promised her motherhood when she was a crusty ninety-year old. So she laughed at the idea, out loud! Then as if laughing in disbelief was not bad enough, she tried to help God by convincing her husband to have a baby with her servant, Hagar. She doubted God, laughed at His promise and then acted on her unbelief. Yet through Sarah, we see the God of the impossible, God the promise keeper. Through this broken woman He birthed a nation that He called the apple of His eye. Then later, He tested her again, when He asked for the life of her beloved son, Isaac. He showed her His mercy and love for both Abraham and herself when He provided a lamb for the sacrifice instead. That’s His Provision!

Hannah – Mother to the prophet Samuel. Hannah bore the worst stigma of her time, she was barren. Even in these modern times, the word “barren” is an ugly word. A word no woman who desires a family wants to hear. Hannah did not have the luxury of expensive fertility treatments; worse still while her husband’s other wives bore him children, she could not. In her time, a big family was a sign of blessing, and she had none. She was probably looked down upon, ridiculed, and therein laid Hannah’s brokenness. Yet she was unrelenting in her pursuit of God to answer her prayers for a child. She prayed fervently and spent many, many hours in His temple begging that the Lord would allow her to bear a child. Even though, she prayed so fervently, Hannah seemed to get her affirmation from the people around her rather than God. Yet He chose to answer her pleas. He gave her Samuel. Years later she would keep her promise to God and give Samuel back to Him. As mothers we know how difficult letting go of our children can be even when we release them to the perfect will of God. God honored the prayers and perseverance of a very determined woman and went on to give her the acceptable blessing of her time by giving her three more sons and two daughters. That’s Restoration!

Mary – The Mother of a Savior. God called her blessed among women because He chose her to carry and birth His son. She carried in her a sacred treasure, a God in flesh. A poor, lowly, unassuming, and ordinary girl who would bear the King of Kings. God chose Mary because she was obedient and willing. She was willing to endure the shame of being unwed (at first) and pregnant. She risked losing the love and respect of Joseph, her fiancé when she said yes to God. She chose obedience. Mary did not have the comfort of an epidural or the indulgence of a private hospital room. She brought a King, the Son of God into the world on a filthy stable floor and years later she would watch her perfect, blameless son endure one of the most violent deaths. For those who have surrendered a child to death, you know that it is probably the single most heartbreaking thing a parent goes through. Mary grieved for her son . . . but she also had to go on with the business of living. That’s Hope!

On this Mother’s Day I pray that you will know how very precious you are in God’s eyes. If your children have forgotten to celebrate you, know that He celebrates you. The Bible says that He rejoices over you with singing (Zephaniah 3:17). God uses the broken, the unworthy, the poor, the humble and even the disobedient, unfaithful and disbelieving because He is faithful. He is our provider and our redeemer. He promises hope and restoration. Whatever your story is, there is room in His heart for you. Happy Mother’s Day!

by Shamilla Yeary

Four Ways to Handle Good vs. Bad Conflict

Dr. Henry Cloud joins Steve Arterburn to explain four ways to deal with a situation of good versus bad conflict. You can deny the bad, deny the good, attack and judge, or accept the situation. Click on the image below to watch:


The Trauma of Sexual Betrayal

Sexual betrayal is personal for Steve Arterburn and Dr. Sheri Denham(Keffer). So often when we think of trauma, our minds focus on physical violence. But research now shows that non-physical, sexual trauma can trigger devastating effects and lasting pain. Many times, the perpetrators of this trauma are unfaithful spouses who cover their tracks by being incredibly manipulative. Dr. Sheri Keffer and I have experienced this professionally… and personally. This is the first of our two-part conversation. It’s an important -sometimes difficult- topic for us, but we hope it helps you. Click on the image to watch.


Find resources that can help with recovery from sexual betrayal.




Are you Stuck?

Negative events and past trauma can impact our beliefs and dictate the way we live our lives. Dr. Sheri Keffer leads a discussion on how we hide pain in our “hidden hearts” and what we can do to heal these wounds buried deep inside us that create beliefs that keep us stuck. Click the image below to watch now.



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Letting Go of Bitter Resentment

Letting Go of  Bitter Resentment
If you are having a hard time releasing a resentment or grieving a loss, there is an answer. It takes work, but there are a few steps you can take to upgrade your life by finding forgiveness and letting go of bitterness that is weighing you down. Click below to watch.
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Bono Living out Romans 10:9

Is Bono Living out Romans 10:9?

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. – Romans 10:9

A much loved musician and celebrity and a well known philanthropist makes a public declaration about his faith. Watch this cool new video from New Life TV.

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