The Selfish Act of Forgiving

Many people don’t quite understand how the concept of forgiveness works. Dr. Dave Stoop is an expert.  A New Life TV subscriber asked him to explain why Jesus taught that by forgiving others, we help ourselves the most. It’s an important concept. Take a minute and watch the video. Click on the image below to watch.


Surrendering Our Shame

Surrendering your shame to God is a powerful act. Our Lord doesn’t want you to wallow in shame, He wants you to live in His grace and accept forgiveness. Check out this video on surrendering our shame. Click on the image below to watch.


Secrets Women Keep: I Struggle with Finances

Some women struggle with finances or never even liked dealing with money issues. And many keep it a secret, hiding debt or mismanagement. Dr. Jill Hubbard joins me to talk about gender issues and money issues from her book  Secrets Women Keep.

Click on the image below to watch.


Surrendering Ego, Finding God

It started with a cute, YouTube video of dogs eating ice cream. But as you’ll see, that funny clip lead us to an important discussion on the first steps in recovery: surrender, letting go of ego, and turning our will and our lives over to God. To watch this video that provides a lot of great food for thought, click on the image below.


Is Anger a Sin?

We’ve gotten lots of emails wanting to know more about anger and angry people. What about when your anger is justified? Is anger a sin? Dr. Dave Stoop, Dr. Jill Hubbard and I got together to talk about an emotion no one likes to admit they’re simmering in. Click on the image to watch now.


Finding Compassion for Yourself

As a facilitator at a recent Healing is a Choice workshop, Shannon Ethridge witnessed an amazing transformation when a young woman, filled with shame and doubt, was finally able to forgive and find compassion for herself. Let’s hear her story.

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Helping the Unsaved

Helping the Unsaved

When a friend or family member is not saved, it’s hard to know how to approach them or if we should. We want to help them, but the urge to condemn or start preaching at them can be strong. Here’s what the Bible says we should do. Click on the image
below and find out how you can approach the unsaved.


Is Shame So Bad for Kids?

Using shame as a way to send a strong message to children is nothing new, but is it actually harmful? We’ve all seen parents who shame their children as a form of discipline. Some think it’s better than the beatings or neglect they received as a child. In this show excerpt, Dr. Jill Hubbard and Dr. Henry Cloud join Steve Arterburn to discuss the real psychological damage that shaming can cause and discuss some Biblical lessons about shame and disgrace. Click the image below to watch.


Are Married People More Depressed?

A recent study made headlines saying that married people are more depressed than single people.  We disagree! Click the image below to watch some thoughts that Steve Arterburn has about the subject and let us know what you think.


An Atheist Versus Christian View of Life

Last week, Steve shared this great image below about the way Atheists and Christians view the world depending on which way you read the prose.  It was a big hit, so he recorded a show about it too. You can watch the show here