Transform your Marriage

Transform your Marriage

Could your childhood be a stumbling block in your marriage?

Milan and Kay Yerkovich are two great counselors who enthusiastically share their journey as a couple. The first 15 years of their marriage were difficult. They weren’t sure why, until they journeyed back to their childhoods and discovered differences that were driving a wedge between them. Theirs is an amazing story of transformation that could illuminate struggles in your own life. I think you’ll find this video incredibly helpful. Click on the image below to watch.


Preparing our Daughters for Battle

Preparing our Daughters for Battle

Shannon Ethridge joins Steve Arterburn to talk about the important task of teaching daughters how to set boundaries and be assertive to protect themselves emotionally and sexually before they even start dating. If you have a young daughter do not miss this. Click on the image to watch.


Why do we yell at our kids?

Why Do We Yell at our Kids

Dr. Dave Stoop has some interesting observations on the evolution of discipline, and he offers some steps you can take to make sure that you make amends if you verbally cross the line with your kids. Watch NOW!

Divorce Proof your Marriage

Divorce Proof Your Marriage

Divorce is an all-too-common reality in our society. How can we protect our marriages? Dr. Dave Stoop has a few simple methods to keep couples together, and there are even studies to prove they work. Click the image below for the answer to how to divorce-proof your marriage!


The Selfish Act of Forgiving

Many people don’t quite understand how the concept of forgiveness works. Dr. Dave Stoop is an expert.  A New Life TV subscriber asked him to explain why Jesus taught that by forgiving others, we help ourselves the most. It’s an important concept. Take a minute and watch the video. Click on the image below to watch.


Surrendering Our Shame

Surrendering your shame to God is a powerful act. Our Lord doesn’t want you to wallow in shame, He wants you to live in His grace and accept forgiveness. Check out this video on surrendering our shame. Click on the image below to watch.


Secrets Women Keep: I Struggle with Finances

Some women struggle with finances or never even liked dealing with money issues. And many keep it a secret, hiding debt or mismanagement. Dr. Jill Hubbard joins me to talk about gender issues and money issues from her book  Secrets Women Keep.

Click on the image below to watch.


Surrendering Ego, Finding God

It started with a cute, YouTube video of dogs eating ice cream. But as you’ll see, that funny clip lead us to an important discussion on the first steps in recovery: surrender, letting go of ego, and turning our will and our lives over to God. To watch this video that provides a lot of great food for thought, click on the image below.


Is Anger a Sin?

We’ve gotten lots of emails wanting to know more about anger and angry people. What about when your anger is justified? Is anger a sin? Dr. Dave Stoop, Dr. Jill Hubbard and I got together to talk about an emotion no one likes to admit they’re simmering in. Click on the image to watch now.


Finding Compassion for Yourself

As a facilitator at a recent Healing is a Choice workshop, Shannon Ethridge witnessed an amazing transformation when a young woman, filled with shame and doubt, was finally able to forgive and find compassion for herself. Let’s hear her story.

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