Audio Series: New Life Perspectives

Found nowhere else, these exclusive to New Life audio CDs include fascinating discussions recorded by Steve Arterburn and the other hosts of New Life Live on topics such as Intimacy, Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Anger, Depression, Codependency, Parenting, Spiritual Leadership, Sexual Integrity, Stress, Addiction, Grief and more.

Stephen Arterburn Products

Steve is a best selling author of books such as Every Man’s Battle, Toxic Faith and his latest, Regret Free Living. With over 7,000,000 books in print he has been writing about God’s transformational truth since 1984. He has been nominated for numerous writing awards and won three Gold Medallions for writing excellence. Along with Dave Stoop, he edited and produced The Life Recovery Bible.

Life Recovery Bible Series

This classic Tyndale Bible integrates the 12-step principles with every page of Scripture. General editors Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop lead readers to the source. The Holy Bible contains the ultimate blueprint for recovery. It offers us divine wisdom about healthy living and hope for recovery through God’s Son, Jesus Christ. It shows us who God is – holy and powerful, yet also patient, loving, and gracious. The Life Recovery Bible is filled with helpful notes and devotionals that lead not only to the source of true wisdom – God’s Word – but also to the source of delivering power – God himself.

Lose It for Life Series

Even if you have already experienced some success on another weight-loss program — Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, whatever — this book will give you the information and motivation you need to achieve a permanent “State of weightlessness,” which is the secret to lasting results.

Every Man’s Battle Series

When Every Man’s Battle first hit bookstores in the summer of 2000, the landscape of Christian books was very different than it is today. No one was sure if the market was ready to accept a book that talked openly about men’s struggles with lust and sexual temptation. But the market responded and since then, no other book has had nearly the impact in the “arsenal of resistance.”

And as the assault of sensuality has only increased, this book has grown ever more important. By shattering misconceived notions and preconceptions, this book continues to help men and women, save their marriages, and recover their witness from the failures that dot the landscape inside and outside the church today.

This revised 10th Anniversary Special Edition includes:

  • Bound-in personal/group study workbook
  • True stories of lives changed, marriages saved, and victories won
  • Up-to-the-minute solutions for facing the new online temptations