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Monthly Membership Program

Your monthly support is an investment in the healing and transformation of the hurting and hopeless. Everything we do is made possible through the power of God’s Holy Spirit and we give God all the honor and glory for each life He transforms through the work we do.

Your recurring gift makes it possible for New Life Ministries to help transform lives through God’s truth by connecting with others through these avenues:

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Benefits of Membership

“New” Member Thank You Gift:

  • The new Take Your Life Back Day by Day Devotional
  • A New Life Cross

Ongoing Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive Club New Life CD – monthly
    • receive by mail or Go Green and download on the Club New Life Community website
  • Select Gift “just for you” – every other month
    • Save the cost of postage and cut down on “snail mail” by choosing to receive your “every-other-month” gift offer by email
  • Club New Life Community Website – Private Social Network by invitation only – (optional)
  • Up to 25% off store purchases from the New Life Store
  • Significant discounts on ALL New Life Intensive Workshops

Club New Life Community Members

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