A Christian Counselor Can Help!

We have a large network of professional, Christian counselors located throughout the country. The network counselors have gone through an extensive application and credentials verification process. They agree with our Statement of Faith and meet the professional standards we have set for our members in the counseling network.

Are you a Counselor?
Join our network:

If you are a Christian Counselor and would like to be a part of the New Life Counseling Network, please call (800) New-Life (639-5433).

Counseling is an investment in your life. Your first session with a New Life Network Counselor is free when you have paid a $50 registration fee to New Life. This fee helps cover the costs associated with the counselor application and interview process, credentials verification, counseling registrations and network administration. New Life Ministries is a non-profit ministry that seeks to provide resources that will help you with your life challenges. (The fee and free session may not apply to some government program beneficiaries.)

Let us help you locate and connect with a New Life Network Counselor in your area.

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How do you know if counseling is right for you?

  • Struggles – All of us face struggles in our life and some struggles challenge our ability to function at our best. If you feel stuck in your life, a counselor can help you move forward again.
  • Relational – Do you have a relationship with someone who is difficult to communicate with and you end up in an argument every time you talk? A Counselor can help break through the walls that build up in conflict.
  • Anxious – If you feel anxious and you can’t connect your anxiety with anything you are doing, talking with a counselor can help bring understanding and a course to relieve those anxious feelings.
  • Depressed – Sometimes depression can be present and you just lose your joy for life. Depression not dealt with can get worse; a counselor can help you with a plan to work through your depression.
  • Addicted – Addiction is a powerful force in life. It might be prescription drugs, alcohol, pornography, or eating; counseling can help find a path to recovery.
  • Stuck – Grief is a very normal part of our life, however, if you get stuck in your grief, a counselor can help you process and move through to healing
  • Marital – Many people seek counseling when their marriage is stressed or falling apart: counseling can help grow and heal broken relationships.

Christian Treatment for Addictions

New Life Ministries can connect you with some of the finest Christian inpatient treatment programs in the country. We are grateful to have found Christ-centered programs that work with people from all backgrounds and beliefs.  The Life Recovery Bible is used as an important part of the treatment process as well as helping family and friends.

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction to illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol, or dealing with an eating disorder, we can help!  Please call us at 1-800-NEW-LIFE for information about treatment that could save your life!