We Can Help with Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you have need to find a good Christian, integrated treatment program to help you or a loved one to overcome addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, then please call us at 1-800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433). We refer those in need to a program that is Christian based and comprised of a community of caring professionals who are committed to the healing mission of Jesus Christ.

At New Life we are passionate about helping people experience recovery, and it’s no exception when it comes to recovery from the addiction of drugs or alcohol. We are very grateful to have found what we believe are the premiere facilities to offer a Christian Twelve-Step model of care that treats the whole person and offers Biblical values as the foundation for treating the mind, body and spirit.

The program and facility we refer you to provides exemplary medical and psychiatric care, as well as Christian-based psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, Biblical studies and meditation, educational groups, worship and prayer, and a Christian 12-step program. The approach is non-denominational and guides the patient to experience freedom through a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ.

What is Provided:

  • 100% confidential assessment and care
  • Comfortable, safe, and medically supervised detoxification
  • A board-certified medical (MD and ARNP) and multiple disciplinary team of Masters Degree level therapists and Certified Addiction professionals.
  • Semi-private rooms with private baths
  • Psychiatric or psychological evaluation and treatment for dual diagnosis issues
  • Assistance in resolution of legal, employment and relationship issues
  • Addiction and Codependency education
  • 24 hour supervision

What You’ll Experience:

  • A safe and secure environment
  • Individual treatment using the most modern protocols
  • Care for complex cases including multiple drugs and alcohol, mental health disorders and pain management
  • Scientific and medical models for the treatment of addictive and affective disorders, trauma and behavioral issues.
  • Christian 12-step program
  • How to learn to relinquish old beliefs, associations and addictive tendencies, replacing them with healthy interpersonal relationships, a psychologically-sound sense of self and a new approach to life (Romans 12:2—the “transformation that comes through the renewing of your mind.”)

Personalized Addiction Treatment:

Individual treatment needs differ from person to person. The program we refer to offers more than addiction medicine services. The primary program consists of multiple levels of care including:

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Progressive groups including music, art, and nutrition
  • Physical therapy and non-narcotic pain management
  • Family workshops
  • Aftercare and recovery planning
  • Job Counseling and Life Coaching

This facility works with most insurance plans.
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