Addict v. Redeemed Man

Earlier this week a group in my office was having a discussion about acting out. It can feel like a trance when the addict inside gets activated and tunnel vision kicks in. As if nothing will deter us from acting out once in that mode. Mental clarity fades, rational lies crank up, and the window of choice, sin vs. redemption, appears to slam shut. The byproduct of the addict taking the day is a vicious cycle of shame, isolation and self-indictment. Alternatively, when redemption wins out our gratitude increases, our self respect is bolstered and we become more empowered for the next battle. We drew a quick diagram in group to illustrate. I’m curious if any of you can relate to it (pardon my penmanship!)?



4 thoughts on “Addict v. Redeemed Man

  1. Just turned off this new TV show “the Americans” after a few minutes of watching and then read your comments. They are right on. You are helping to break the addictive cycle. God bless.

    • I cut that show off after the first few minutes on the first episode. The devil has a lot of material out there to draw us back into a life ruled by him. Awesome job on recognizing the temptation and turning it off!

  2. I think the hardest part of understanding the difference here is in the understanding of temptation. Paul says in Ephesians that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world, and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. So often I have felt that the temptation itself is a condemnation on who I am and a declaration that I am not really change or living the life that God calls me to live. I think it’s another lie that was fed to me a while ago in thinking that temptation is going to stop as you draw closer to God. For me, it’s been the exact opposite. I notice temptation more and more each day and have to realize that it is a snare and trap that has been set for me and for us that is intended to push us back onto a path that was leading to our destruction. The passage that Paul wrote about our struggle comes in his call to put on the full armor of God. The reality in battling temptation is that we have to be prepared and ready for battle becuase you never know where it is going to come from. For me, I have 2 men in particular who I speak to or email on a semi-daily basis and who I reach out to in moments of weakness and when the temptation is strongest. We have to fight this battle with the armor of God but we also have to fight this battle together. There are moments when I am strong for my brothers and other moments when they are strong for me. It’s a lie to think that we have to be strong all the time. That’s why we have fellowship and community, to sharpen us, protect us, and fight for us in moments of need. It does take a proactive approach however and a humble understanding that temptation will come regardless of how hard we try to avoid it. Jesus himself was tempted more than we even know but he was prepared. The key to his ability to fight off temptation and win the battle was a deep knowledge of his identity as God’s son. We need to have the same identity and not be so easily swayed by the traps and snares that Satan sets for us in desperation.

  3. This is an excellent comparison and one that I will use often. Thanks so much for posting this. Such a practical and easy to understand way of laying it out there.

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