Bottom Line

A quick thought to ponder-

What’s your bottom line purpose for today?

What is that baseline commitment that if you meet it, whether or not your day went well, whether or not you performed as a zero or a hero, you can hit the sack with peace?

For me, that is honoring God by being authentic, transparent and speaking truth. If I can function today living out who God has called me to be I can rest. If I tell the truth, both of my life and the life of Jesus, I can rest. If I can be vulnerable and avoid masks and pretenses that portray I can handle life by my own strength, then I can rest knowing I’ve done all I can do.

If we’ll chase after that bottom line commitment today, with all our strength and energy, it’s unlikely we’ll look at porn, go to a strip club, have an(other) affair or be tangled up in the barbed wire of our own egos.

You can do it.

2 thoughts on “Bottom Line

  1. Don’t forget to look at all the idols in your life. If you think watching Star Wars isn’t as sinful as watching pornography, you will be mistaken. Star Wars and comic books might actually be the root of your sinful behavior. They were at least part of the root for me.

  2. Terrific reminder Jason! Thank you. Oh to seek Him first and get Me, Myself, and I out of the way. Self loves to compete, but, oh the misery it can and likely will bring. The freedom of living in authenticity, transparency, and truthfulness is TRUE freedom. Oh to have learned that earlier in this journey. After more than three years of separation, God is good. He is more real to me today and I know that He is truly interested in my bottom line, living honestly before Him, my bride, and the world. If you’ve recently slipped or fallen, call a brother, talk to God, brush yourself off and keep going. It is so worth it.

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