God probably won’t deliver you from sexual sin.

At least, not the way we traditionally think of deliverance. I’ve talked to literally thousands of men about this issue and have only heard 2 people say they talked to 2 people who have been delivered from sexual sin. And I don’t know if I believe them. I think God does deliver people from sexual addiction; however, I don’t believe He does it at a single point in time. Rather, it seems like God delivers men from sexual addiction by means of a process that takes a substantial amount of time.

A lot of us want deliverance on the spot. We think if God is to deliver us from sexual sin then we will never have another lustful thought and never again be tempted to act out sexually. That’s false. Temptation is and always will be real to us. And the likelihood that we’ll be tempted sexually is very high. Not only because Satan knows there is a chink in our armor, but also because we’ve trained our brains to sexualize emotion and to skew what sexual intimacy is about. We’ve taught ourselves how to use our sexuality to cope with life.

We have to work our recovery like it depends on us and trust that it depends on God. We can hope for miraculous deliverance but we have to work diligently as if it were never going to happen. Almost every time I talk to someone who has slipped after an extended period of sobriety a few things become evident. 1 – they’ve dropped regular accountability & community, 2 – they’ve stopped being intentional about dealing with their emotions and needs, and 3 – they have become loose with managing their boundaries and triggers.

I encourage you to be proactive and intentional about working your recovery plan. Don’t wait for God to deliver you at some moment in time. He in fact may be delivering you over a period of time via your recovery journey. Remember, when we boil this whole thing down we’re really on a journey of becoming more like Christ. That doesn’t happen in an instant.