Delete is Incomplete

I just came across this news article about digital detectives and thought of the repercussions for people struggling with sexual integrity issues. The reality is what we do on our computers and phones is logged, archived, and retrievable, regardless whether we think we deleted it or not.

Did you know chat history can be recovered with a couple simple steps and the right tools?

Did you know all the porn sites you’ve visited, along with every picture you downloaded (and in what order you downloaded them) can be recalled?

Did you know that forensic experts can actually log every single keystroke on your computer? That means they can see every Facebook profile you clicked, every craigslist ad you perused and every Google image thumbnail you enlarged.

A quick reminder that delete is incomplete. May we live our online lives above reproach, such that if someone were to review our every keystroke and entire history, they would see God honored.

You can read the article by clicking HERE.





2 thoughts on “Delete is Incomplete

  1. Please, please, please take heed of this. Because of my addiction, I was indicted back in October for receipt and possession of child porn. The evidence was pulled from files I thought had been deleted! I am facing some serious prison time, as this is a felony. I will likely be away for several years from my family, friends, church family, and people who have supported me through my recovery. Please do not allow your addiction to continue. Addiction requires that you step it up a notch every once in a while to support your lust, and it can destroy you! God has been good to me through this process, but He definitely used a battering ram to get my attention. Do make Him have to do the same for you! Love and peace, brothers!

  2. Help! I have been looking at porn on my iPad at work, at home when my wife is in the room, just about anywhere… I want to stop, but then again, I don’t. Do I really need a 2×4 across the head like Jason got?

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