Every Man’s Battle (full) 2-Part Story from NBC-LA

NBC TV channel 4 in Los Angeles has just posted on their website a two-part story on our Every Man’s Battle workshop, Sex Addiction Part 1, and Sex Addiction Part 2.

Back in November they aired a short news story about EMB, and just today posted the two stories we expected to see then.

The links below will take you directly to the in depth stories about Every Mans Battle. Interviewed are Jason Martinkus, our presenter at EMB, Jim Phillis one of our counselors, an attendee, an alumnus, and the wife of one of our alums.

Click on the links below to view the two-part story.  We’d love to hear what you think after you’ve seen them.  And share these with family and friends. Please twitter and facebook at the bottom of each story on the NBC website. The more people who hear about Every Mans Battle, the more that can be helped.

Click to Watch These Videos…

sexp1b.png    sexp2.png

5 thoughts on “Every Man’s Battle (full) 2-Part Story from NBC-LA

  1. Honestly, I think you should have requested the right to edit the sexual images out of the video before you put it here on this site. I started to watch this thing and got bombarded with stuff I really didn’t need or want to see.

  2. Thank you for the heads up I caught your post here just before I clicked on those videos. I agree that either an edited version would be nice or at least a heads up of what to expect

  3. Dave, thanks for the head’s up…sorry to say. And Tim, thank you for acknowledging it. Thank you both for bringing up something so valid. It’s a challenge, I know, as a part-time filmmaker, to try to really bring in your audience and connect with them. I have seen videos on this subject before, and I watch them on high alert, knowing that I could be end up becoming triggered in their “creativity”, whereas otherwise I would want my guard to be down and my heart and my mind open to learn and to grow.
    I, too, have decided not to watch this content, regardless of what golden nuggets may be hidden throughout. I want to be able to learn in an honest, straightforward fashion. I don’t need glitzy glamor and certainly not any Hollywood sex-appeal! I simply want to be able to identify with those who are sharing, and from there I want to walk away with tools and tangible life lessons.

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