God’s Protection

God is protecting you from yourself.

Have you ever considered what temptations, trials or tribulations God has already protected you from? Ones you never even felt or experienced. Have you reflected on the ones where He delivered you from the very midst? How many times has He saved you from yourself? These unseen instances are probably too great to count. The visible instances are often easy to forget. Yet we cannot underestimate His sovereignty. We cannot overestimate His love. We have His word that we’re protected. By His outstretched arm and mighty hand He protects His people. It may not seem like it today, but He is busy at the work of protecting you. That is not to say he won’t keep us from harm or even death, but it is to say his sovereignty is implicit in it.

Instead of spending time asking questions about why He won’t deliver you from your sin or circumstance, reframe your perspective and attempt to see where He is already saving you from the magnitude of it.
When I reflect on my sexual addiction and all the damage I did, I can also see how much worse it could have been. There were so many opportunities for me to blow up my life with more magnitude and collateral damage and God was faithful to protect me. From myself. In a sense, he let me enter into painful circumstances to avoid even more painful circumstances.

Perhaps even today God is protecting us from ourselves. Let us be thankful.

Here are a few verses to investigate around this subject:

2 Sam 22:31, Psalm 46:1, Psalm 62:7, Exodus 33:19-23, Psalm 136:12

5 thoughts on “God’s Protection

  1. I need help. I lost my wife due to my actions and her condition love.. I am learning from your blog emdr therpy Christian men’s group church difficult decerning the Bible butworking on studies Iin Sunday school Thanks for your indormation you send out.

  2. Jason, I couldn’t agree with you more on your most recent post about what God may have saved us from. I went to EMB last year in July and I have been hit with that realization of the man I would have become without any grace or without the family/friends that I have been blessed with. I’m pretty confident that I would have been a horrible and destructive man without that presence and it’s a testimony to God’s promise to not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear. It is an amazing promise and you’re right that we need to stop asking why doesn’t God change us and realize that he is protecting us and is inviting us to take a step toward him in faith. I want to thank you again for your ministry and blog.

  3. Yes I have considered this but your description explains it well and encourages faith in me with the knowledge that God helps me in my weakness in unseen ways. At these times when shame often overwelms me he was there protecting me from my carnal self.
    What a wonderful God we serve who looks beyond our sin and see someone worth redeeming!

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  5. my problem is sex, i have done all i can do to stop it but nothing happen. for that i lost all i have in life.so help me and tell me what to do

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