I can’t save Me from being Me

This weekend was another Every Mans Battle workshop. At the end of session 1, the staff introduces themselves, and usually say a word of encouragement. This month Jim said something that blew my mind. I asked him to repeat it because at first I was super confused. But the more I chewed on it, the more it became deeply profound. He said:

“Jim can’t save Jim from being Jim.”

Holy cow. I can’t save me from being me. That’s deep! When I finally got done chewing on it, it reinforced and rapidly propelled me towards the reality that I need a Savior. Not just for eternity, but in this life. Now. Present tense. Because if left to my own devices long enough, I’ll go back to being who I used to be, doing what I used to do, blowing my life and the life of the people I love the most on this planet.

I’d encourage you to give some energy to that pithy statement of Jim’s. It’s like a whole theology book summed up in 7 words. Talk to the people closest to you about how you process it. And think about what if anything might look different in your life if you lived by that statement.

2 thoughts on “I can’t save Me from being Me

  1. I signed up for your newsletter after my husband and I wrestled with some temptations he had that had almost ruined our relationship. It was rather unexpected, as we’ve always been close and loving but Satan knows where we are most vulnerable. He is not the only one that has had temptations, and while I did enjoy parts of Every Woman’s battle, the Every Man’s Battle book and study resonated with me more. I just thought you might like to know that you are directly blessing more than just the husbands with your wisdom! Sexual sin that I think was more traditionally considered a male challenge has become more prevalent for women in this time of so many sexual experimentations and freedoms. There are not the same social barriers as there used to be and I think that makes for a more open field for both sexes. We’ve appreciated being able to grow closer and address some issues that clearly were not receiving the attention they needed. May your ministry continue to be blessed!

  2. Great share Jason. Your quote reminds me of the first stepof AA, “we were powerless “. Without God we are truely powerless as evidenced by my years of trying in my own strength to control my behavior.

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