Keeping Perspective

Steve Arterburn

Your finances are important. They’re worthy of your studied attention. But not your worry, and certainly not your faith, hope, and love. 

The bottom line, men, is this: you’re not supposed to live in fear of your financial future. I’m reminded of how Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, lived his life. He headed an organization with income of hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Yet he and his wife raised their personal support each year just like all Campus Crusade staff’a modest income by any measurement.

They didn’t own a car or real estate. When Dr. Bright won the million-dollar Templeton Award for Progress in Religion in 1996, he put the money toward developing a new ministry initiative. Like all Campus Crusade staff, he paid into a modest retirement fund. But he liquidated most of that to start a new training center in Moscow. He had no savings account and accepted no speaking fees. When he died in 2003, he left behind few worldly goods, yet God provided for him abundantly throughout his life.

Followers of Christ are called to a life of faith, not fear. That life of faith may look differently from one person to the next, but the lack of fear will look the same. It’ll be a combination of wisdom, diligence, and trust that does everything it can to live a responsible financial life while putting ultimate hope in Christ alone for the present and the future. 

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