5 thoughts on “Kitchen Convo #3 – Trust Building

  1. Thank you for sharing along with your spouse. It’s definitely a motivational point for others who haven’t reached that point yet. Trust is a slow process but never the less its essential bound in making a marriage whole. You have definitely given good guidance for couples.

  2. I look forward to all of your blogs and especially the Kitchen Conversation blogs. I appreciate Shelly’s input in these videos. Your conversations are “real” about the issues we struggle with. Trust is the foundation and without it the house crumbles. I appreciate her discussion on how she was able to move forward by trusting in God FIRST. It took me 3 months, after disclosure, to submit to that. My whole demeanor changed, the stress and anxiety went way down, my anger diminished greatly, and my husband and I are able to have conversations without exploding. I cannot thank you both enough for sharing your story and your walk through it. I thank my husband for his desire to attend EMB and walk the walk afterwards, and I thank God for being in our life.

    My husband and I were part of the webinar last night. We were both pumped up afterwards! We are thankful for that. God Bless you both and EMB, and New Life for the awesome programs you provide.

  3. Is there a kitchen convo #1 and #3? These blogs on trust have been on the mark for me. I am very frustrated with my husband’s lack of progress in dealing with his sexual addiction problems. Two years ago, my husband was indicted for sexually offending my niece. He served in jail for 6 months and is on probation for 3 years. We have two boys, 7 and 4 years of age, whom has has been allowed to be with again after waiting a year to see his progress in counseling. He attends a court-ordered counseling group and has a very good counselor and has been attending a celebrate recovery group somewhat sporadically for 1 year. He read EMB, but that is about it as far as what he did with it. He doesn’t journal (which he has been asked to do), doesn’t read unless I specifically ask him to read something, and has no accountability partner accept me which is terrible for our marriage. After finding him with pornagraphy a month or so ago, I told him to leave. He made a huge amount of progress in those 8 days after which I told him he could come back. He got rid of his computer (internet access had already been taken away), reached out for help to our pastor, started speaking more in counseling, agreed to help me put the house on the market (one of the major stressors for me because we have a small farm and it has be difficult financially and time-wise for us to take care of it). But I just don’t see him getting really engaged with the problem. I have asked him to go to an EMB workshop. He has asked his counselor for permission and it has been granted, and he has asked for a sub at work and is waiting to hear a response, but he is balking at the money (I told him he has to pay for it) and hasn’t made the phone call yet to go. I guess I don’t necessarily want him to go either if he isn’t going to become engaged, but I am so tired of waiting for that to happen. If and when our house sells, we don’t know where we will move and that is very worrying to him. For me it is a possible opportunity for us to be apart, especially if he doesn’t start engaging and I still can’t trust him. Any suggestions for him and for me?

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