4 thoughts on “Kitchen Convo – Backpack of Burden

  1. I can appreciate the metaphor for the backpack burden. If the situation was reversed it would certainately pertain to my situation. I have been recieving emails from Every Mans Battle since 2010. Unfortunately there`s not very many forums, if any for men that has had their wife cheat on them. It seems tabu. So, I take your forums for what they are and reverse the situation.

    • You are so right Mr. Hurst. I just had a client last week who is in that same boat and there are such limited resources. I’m glad you can find some of these posts helpful. I wonder if the New Life Marriage workshop would be helpful for you (assuming your wife wants to see redemption in your marriage)? It may be worth a call to the ministry just to see. Talk with one of the assessment counselors and ask about your situation in particular.
      Thanks for your comment!

      • Jason,
        We have been seeing a Christain counselor since the infidelity back in Oct last year. Started at once a week for 5-6 weeks and now we are down to once a month. Things are better, but the backpack burdon if you will is still there. Thanks for your quick response yesterday, it was very appreciated. God bless.

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