6 thoughts on “Kitchen Convos – Triggers

  1. Jason,
    These kitchen convos are awesome. your topics are so inline with my journey to eventual purity. And also my wifes understanding of my afliction.

  2. I appreciate your honesty. The triggers your wife mentions are all very true to me now. My husband has opened up to me about his addiction before, but is now back deep into his sin. I think he has lost hope. This video is positive and negative for me. Positive because it validates my feelings & triggers. Negative because it validates that this fight doesn’t get much easier, and never goes away. I’m so tired. Thank you for posting

  3. Another excellent post Jason. I draw encouragement from men like you who have kept their sobriety for an extended period. I attended an EMB 2 years ago and am now attending SA meetings. Sobriety has been a process for me and i encourage other men to stick to it and not loose hope. Thanks for the share Jason.

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