KitchenConversation – Triggers and Trust

Apologies in advance….this one is a long one…

Watch for Part 2 soon!


5 thoughts on “KitchenConversation – Triggers and Trust

  1. Because we do not have a group for support and we have not found another Counselor since his move out of the state , being able to watch and listen to others who have been on this journey helps us tremendously. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience strength and hope with us! We’ll look back again real soon for more of this good stuff/encouragement.

  2. Very interesting convo guys. Looking forward to the next part. However, I have to say it sounds as if Jason is contradicting himself a bit here. In Worthy of Her Trust (great book… love it) you talk about ‘Lose her rather than lie’ (sorry if I’m misquoting a bit). Here you’re saying: wives: expect him to fumble with the lying and the manipulation etc. The other examples you give here, I agree: these aren’t really reasons to go back to square one in trust (though sure the immediate trauma reaction says… oh yeah, he’s hopeless… run). Lying though (especially out of fear) … that’s probably a little more serious than losing money on the stock market. Don’t you think?

    • Hi LD,
      Thanks for chiming in! I can see where it might sound like a contradiction. To adopt the mantra, “I’d rather lose you than lie to you” means striving to tell the truth at all costs. The reality is, as we said in the video, that type of thing doesn’t change overnight. There will be fumbles along the way, be it inconsequential things or very consequential things, like having acted out again. The gist of what we’re saying here is that sometimes it is hard for wives to retain any trust that’s been built when focusing on the acuteness of the most recent wrong. It can help to take a step back and look at that wrong in light of the rest of the recovery work her husband has been doing (assuming he has been doing solid recovery work). Hope that helps to clarify a bit. Thanks again!

      • Thanks Jason.
        I’m writing a book (to be published out of Australia) and quote Worthy of Her Trust (and at least one kitchen convo) extensively enough that I need your written permission to do so. Is there some email I can get for you/Shelly to contact you at about this. My email:
        Amanda (of Ivan and Amanda) say great things about you two (they flew up for a EMB seminar a couple years ago).

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