Old Running Shoes

This week during one of my groups we were privileged to share a profound moment with one of the members who is an EMB alumni. It was his last day of being 49 years old. He was on the verge of 50 and had been reflecting on what that meant to him. The last year for him has been one of turmoil, chaos, change, miracles and a lot of symbolism. After getting busted in one affair and admitting to several more, he began allowing God to change him from the inside out. The change has been profound. He is being restored personally and his marriage is flourishing!

In his reflection he realized that for the last 30+ years he has been running. Running from his family dysfunction, from his true feelings, from his wife and kids, from the darkest most depraved parts of himself and ultimately from God. He has been running from.

Then he threw an old, ragged pair of running shoes down on the floor.  In tears and with deep conviction in his voice he exclaimed, “I’m tired of running from my life. I’m sick of running away. Tomorrow, 50, starts a new life. Tomorrow I begin running to what God has for me. I don’t know how many years I have left after this, but I’m going to make every single one count!”

The weight of his words and the reality of that moment was stark. He is moving from wreckage to redemption. And the people being hit by his wake are better for it. He is becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration to other men.

Maybe you’re tired of running from? Perhaps it is time for a new pair of shoes to start running to what God has next for you?


3 thoughts on “Old Running Shoes

  1. Incredible. I completely relate to your friends experience except that I just turned 55 and I my marriage is not yet flourishing. My wife and I have been separate for nearly four months and I don’t know what is going to happen. I am in the process of trying to understand what kind of future God has for me while also trying to experience God in the moment. I do not want to look toward the conclusion (whatever that means) and miss His voice today. It is hard but I have never felt closer to God or more vulnerable.

    I enjoy your blog, thanks for giving of yourself.

  2. I have been running from the lord and this lie myself for over 20+ years. Sunday that all chanced and our heavenly father broke these chains on mind. Thank you lord for freeing me. I look forward to the work shop in Denver CO next weekend. Lord watch over myself during the trying time, my wife I love with all my heart and our kids. I have broken her trust and almost all my marrage because of this lie. Thank you jesus.

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