One Last Hoorah

There is an interesting phenomenon that happens with addicts; even sexual addicts. It begins just after they make a commitment to change. They start to envision life without their old friend (the addiction) and it gets a little heavy. They think about what life will be like without the old coping mechanisms and thought patterns and, while they know in the long run life will be better, in the short run it seems unbearable. Then a thought kicks in: “just one more time. One last hoorah. Just indulge this one last time and enjoy it, because you will never experience it again. You deserve it”. Some say it’s the Accuser. Some say it’s the addict inside. Others say it is the mind playing tricks. However you explain it and wherever it comes from, it is entirely fraudulent.
A lot of men experience it though. It promises to fulfill one last time and, just like every other time, is a complete disappointment. What’s worse is when someone buys into the lie, they dose themselves with more shame, which perpetuates the acting out cycle and pushes them further from recovery. We hear this story all the time at EMB. A guy has been signed up to attend for a month and the week of the workshop he’ll act out. He will even say he felt like he had to have one more go ‘round. It’s like we have this core belief that we are losing something close to us, something important to us. And the truth is, for many, it is important and close. It is the security blanket of comfort and self-reliance that we’ve counted on since being a teenager. But it’s time to let it go. It is time to rely on God to be our comfort and security.
Please don’t buy the lie. Whether you have 1 day, 1 month or 1 year of sobriety, remember, you’ve begun your recovery! Don’t turn back now! It will just disappoint you again. If you are signed up for the EMB workshop, don’t take that last hoorah. You’ll thank yourself later.

6 thoughts on “One Last Hoorah

  1. thank you for that article last horrah… jesus has delivered me from heroin, methadone, e.t.c. and lately been struggling with the lust and sex sin of mastubation…. pray with and for me that jesus would deliver me from these desires and not let wilful sins rule over me… that christ would keep reminding me that our secret sins are known by him………..our marriage has had many trials addiction, we lost a son 3 yrs. now an affair and intimacy has been damaged… we serve a GOD who heals and delivers….. praise him…..sal rocco

  2. Jason, Thank you for this artical, The Last Hoorah. It is very insiteful. Unfortunately, I can identify, as I am still struggling with my addiction. I didn’ t give in, thank God.

  3. Thank you for that post Jason. I just got back from the Dallas workshop and what I just read was exactly what I needed. This is exactly what I have been feeling for the last two days. I was involved with a woman outside of my marriage and when I returned from the workshop I contacted her to gain closure. Since then I have been fighting temptation to contact her again. For what reason, I do not know. However, I do know that it is not the right thing to do. I am in recovery and things are starting to look optimistic for my wife and I and I am so grateful to you and all the staff at EMB. It seems that the temptation to act out is now greater than ever. It is encouraging to know that I am not alone in this fight. It is not a coincident that I clicked on this web site and discovered a nugget of encouagement that spoke to my exact need. Thank you again. God bless.

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