Phone Calls = Sexual Integrity

Did you know that phone calls lead to sexual integrity?

It is very, very, very rare to hear a guy talk about crossing his boundaries and acting out  immediately before or immediately after a phone call to another buddy in trenches. On the other hand, there seems to be a pretty strong connection between guys who make consistent phone calls and guys who don’t act out again.

You see, there is something special that begins to happen when we make daily phone calls to other men who understand our struggle. First, we begin to develop connection and intimacy, where some of our core needs get met. We can start to sense significance in the relationship; like we actually matter to someone else on the planet. That person on the other end of the line can be a conduit of God’s grace to communicate that we matter. Second, we can begin to be a help to the other person. So often, I hear stories of guys who make a call and they reach a person who is struggling. The guy on the other end says, “you called me at just the right time”. It is pretty special to be the instrument God uses to help a fellow brother in a time of need. That’s significant!

If you are still acting out and struggling from time to time, incorporate daily phone calls into your battle plan. It’s one of the most difficult things to do, and also one of the most beneficial for your recovery.

Remember, for a guy who struggles with these issues:  When you get out of touch with others, you start to touch your self.


2 thoughts on “Phone Calls = Sexual Integrity

  1. This is a very good article. I decided to quit meeting with my accountability partner because he always seemed to busy for me. I wish I had someone I could call when i need prayer or encouragement. Thanks for this excellent article.

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