This post is largely geared towards EMB alumni.

Saturday night at EMB is a special time. It’s worshipful. It’s experiential. It is typically a time to rest and just be. Attendees often say they wish we could stay in that moment longer. We as staff usually agree! It is special.

I am often asked for the playlist from that event, so I thought I would just post it. That way folks can download the songs they choose. That said, each month it changes a little bit, so depending on when you attended there may be a song or two added or deleted. I’ve included the artists with the song titles; some of them are unique and not the original artists.


Eastern Hills Church / Eric Ochocki

I Surrender All

Come Ye Sinners

Jesus Paid it All

David Crowder Band

Deliver Me

Because He Lives

Never Let Go

Big Daddy Weave



Beautiful Things

Jason Gray

Remind Me Who I Am

Jadon Lavik

Nothing But The Blood



Paul Baloche

You Gave Your Life Away


Fix You

Shane Everett Band

Came to My Rescue


My Soul Sings

 Jars of Clay

The Valley Song



2 thoughts on “Playlist

  1. I am impressed that this is becoming so alive. Thank you for becoming so alive. Jesus does not exist or even matter to many. What He did and is doing is so amazing. This format, helping rescue men from the enemies most cunning form of sin, is bold and brave and effective. God Bless all who work @ keeping this blessed sight alive.

  2. Hi, this Elisha from East Africa-Kenya. Have read EMB book late last year after struggling for years with sexual impurity. I searched for a friend to stand with me and couldn’t find one until recently last month. As i was crossing over this year i finally made a firm decision to kill every hint of sexual impurity in my life. Despite the challenges by the grace of God have made tremendous progress. I’m so happy i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Have succeeded in starving my eyes and mind. I ask you keep me in prayers and i long to chat openly with someone who has overcome about some issues. Have shared with my wife but just few details and she is aware this year this is part of issues im dealing with. Thanks if any one could contact me will be glad or if you have such groups here in Kenya i could join. I’m currently mobilizing my brothers to fight this battles together, some are in bad shape but i believe this our season to break free and subdue sexual impurity in our family. thanks God bless you

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