Recovery Manifesto

What do you want your recovery to look like in a year? What do you want your marriage to look like in a year?

If you can’t answer that question, then where do you expect either of them to end up? Not sure about your life, but in mine the best things don’t happen by accident. Good outcomes and growth aren’t my default. Quite the opposite! I frequently say that my life is like going up the down escalator; if I’m not actively pursuing who God is calling me to be, then I’m passively slipping back into who I’ve always been. That holds true personally, professionally, spiritually and maritally.

Recently, a client has been working on a recovery/marriage manifesto. His task has been to write a declaration answering the question: What do I want our lives and relationship to look like in 1 year, and how will we get there?

I just want to share an excerpt from that manifesto:


how we’ll get there…

I don’t know all the things that will happen between now and 365 days from now. But what I do know is how we’ll accomplish the goals set out above. This manifesto will ring true if…

  • humility is the focus of approaching our marriage and our relationship
  • communication is open, honest and humble
  • we trust in God, at the deepest level we’ve ever trusted him, by praying like it all depends on him and working like it all depends on us
  • we connect in true intimacy
We’ll look back at 2013 and say with confidence that it was a hell of a year because of the hopelessness, despair, helplessness, fear, betrayal, deceit, rejection, guilt, and shame felt by us both. But it was worth it because true transformation came out of the deepest, darkest pit we were in. I want us to say that 2013 was the year that everything changed for the better.

This fires me up! Frankly, I think that fires God up too. I think he sees this, jumps out of his seat, yells “OH YEAH!” and high-fives the closest angel. In effect, this manifesto sets the stage on which God can orchestrate radical redemption and gives the curtain call for Him to get the glory for it. 2013 is the year it all changed. It’s the year God showed up. It’s the year redemption began to be real.

Will 2013 be the year everything changed for you?

There’s still time. The year’s not over.

8 thoughts on “Recovery Manifesto

  1. Jason, our year was the a living hell. Everything that was uncovered was necessary. I have been asking The Lord to work on me. Show me the next best thing for me. My husband’s redemption is Up to him and God.
    I pray for salvation for my children who have autism, and for healing from what their father has done. Our entire lives together we’re never faithful. Only 8 months sobriety in 24 years!
    He is working hard with a God’s grace going to therapy (two), reading the Bible, and praying, bible study, etc.
    thanks for being willing to expose everything to God, so that you could be a spiritual father to so many in the struggle.

  2. I attended the Every Man’s Battle conference this past weekend in Dallas. This was a life changing experience. I did not walk away healed, nor was I miraculously delivered from my struggle with sexual sin. And I am still separated from my wife for the now. BUT I did experience God’s power and His presence in my life. I did walk away educated, enlightened, empowered and equipped to fight this battle with hope and strength and a band of brothers to walk and fight with me. I learned that what I believed about myself and my struggle wasn’t actually true. I also learned why I do the things that I do, both mental and physical causes. I now, for the first time in 30 years, have real hope and truly believe that through God’s power I can overcome this addiction and live a life of sexual integrity. For the first time in a few years, I believe in my heart of hearts that my marriage will be restored and that I can love my wife how The Lord created me to love her. I can be the father that my kids need and desire. I feel empowered to encourage and embrace other men with similar struggles to help each other along and stand side by side and face this battle together. And most importantly, I am so thankful that now I can live a life that is honoring to my wife and my God. I, me, Aaron, really can bring glory to the creator of the universe through my life. If you are reading this and are considering whether to attend an EMB conference, STOP considering and sign up. You will never be the same again and THAT is truth.
    God bless the entire staff of EMB and Newlife Ministries. I cannot wait to look back from the other side of recovery and see what God has done in my life and the lives of others.
    Thank you, Jason, staff and everybody else that attended the conference. I love you all

  3. Why can’t I see the actual blog post? It only displays the title, the “About Jason Martinkus” paragraph, and all the comments. A few weeks ago I could see the posts and now none of them display?

  4. Im advocating for Robert Barlow who is in DVDs he is going to be released he had no where to go and must have a transition. Plan. Can someone please call me2096884902

  5. This manifesto contains great concepts for guidance and intent – if you use this as a framework for execution, keeping humility and trust in God in the forefront while you execute your battle plan, it should help guide you on your journey. Jason – thanks for sharing this.

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