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  1. My husband attended EMB in July of 2010. His willingness to go blessed me and I truly believed for a total change to occur. After that in May of 2011 we attended Harry Schaumburgs intensive counselling in Wisconsin. Today we just came from a counselor in Ft. Wayne IN that New Life referred us to. However, I cant remember feeling much lower in this process. I cried out to God and asked him where we are to be getting help from so that we can really begin to move forward. I really no longer feel like the woman I once was and dont know how to get her back. I dont forsee a quick fix but when Shelly said that you can have a great marriage and I see the love and openess between the two of you I asked God to give me the strength to hold on a little bit longer. I will pursue to find out how to contact you and see where you are located to possibly get help. Our experience with counselors has not proved fruitful. THAT is one of the most frustrating things. Dr. Schaumburg even belittled the bouncing of the eyes concept which he says is not the heart of the problem. Well being that my husband has a major lust issue it certainly is the heart of my problems! Any information or directional help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I need as much help as Mark because my world is upside down which I know causes him additional heartache. Thanks, Laurie Kohls

  2. I’ve put a secure lock down on you tube because of inappropriate web browsing.. Could you get this topic transcribed? Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and providing hope. I have been to EMB twice and have let my wife and children down too many times. Finally, I am meeting with my Pastor bi-weekly and going to counseling on the alternate week so I can change for the Lord. Before I wanted to change for my wife and children and as you stated she is going to let me down and I used that as an excuse in the past to act out in sinful ways.

    We recently went to a Love and Respect Conference that really seemed to have changed the direction of our marriage. We are enjoying one another as friends and following Ephesians 5:33.

    I thank the Lord for using EMB to begin the process of removing the scales from eyes and now I want to be truly free from sexual bondage. It is not an easy walk at all but I am taking it one minute at a time and praising Him for those small victories because they add up.

    But the greatest gift after Salvation that the Lord has provided to me is an incredible wife who loves Him for more than she loves me.

    Continue to pray for my strength and endurance to rely on the Savior, Christ Jesus and the process that I have been provided!

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