Steve Arterburn Responds to Carl’s Jr. Ad Critics

Since my blog on Monday regarding the Carl’s Jr. Ad on the Oscars, I have had push back from some people.

Obviously those that have attacked me and our ministry regarding  my comments have not walked in our shoes.

We have helped over 15,000 men deal with sexual integrity issues over the last ten years.

In addition my book “Every Mans Battle” has sold over 4 million copies. This book dealing with men’s sexual temptations presents a practical, detailed plan for any man who desires sexual purity.

Judge for yourself! Are we as a society to close our eyes and stand back and not voice our concerns?  Let me hear your thoughts.

Here are two previously released videos…

A “behind the scenes” look into an Every Man’s Battle workshop

NBC4 gained exclusive access to a sex addiction treatment program operated by Laguna Beach-based New Life Ministries designed to help men who claim that sexual obsession is ruining their lives

Los Angeles, Channel 4 (KNBC) News , story on Every Man’s Battle:

If you are interested in finding out more about Every Man’s Battle Workshop, please call 800-639-5433.

Read the full article here

22 thoughts on “Steve Arterburn Responds to Carl’s Jr. Ad Critics

  1. I listen your program every day. It is fabulous! God bless you all.

    In another hand, I live in Virginia, what channel will be transmiting “America’s secret adiction” today and tomorrow. Thank you for your answer.

  2. Steve that was great interview you had with Colleen. It is mind boggling to me that sexual addiction is just NOW being discussed and identified as a REAL addiction.

    I know you probably had to follow Colleen’s question script in the interview but…if you are called back for follow -up interviews…..we need to talk about and identify the fact that medicating ourselves with lust, pornography, stripclubs, and affairs are only the outword signs of our addiction. Men suffering from sexual addiction are not any different than men suffering from drugs, alcohol, eating, or anger. We all have past and present baggage that needs to be identified and dealt with so we can stop medicating ourselves with our drug of choice. Changing our bad behaviors by using specific tools will keep us sober. Identifing and processing the underlying pain that causes our addictions I think is the real issue that must be addressed to maintain sobriety. The key factor for me in recovery is working in a Christ centered program. Congratulations on a great interview Steve…I am proud of you !!!

    Ron Biang

  3. Thank you for investing your time to educate individuals that there is a way out of the sex addiction bondage. Since the day my husband and I first met he has brought porn, nude clubs, and unreasonable request into our relationship, yet, I am accused of being the problem for his sickness. Now he claims, “I do it because I am angry toward you.”
    Your news piece reminds me that my husband needs help…a few years past I found my husband acting out, and would if it was my daughter or son instead of me.

  4. Thank you for your heart and passion to serve our gracious God by sharing your insights and truths with the world, therefore serving people like me; helping me to heal from so many hurts! I am so grateful to you and all of the gifted staff at Newlife Ministries…my husband and I have worked with you/your staff/Newlife since 2002. Being married for almost 22 years, knowing my husband has battled with much, yet often not being able to put my finger on the “exact thing!” until this past spring, your ministries have been an integral part of our healing process. Sexual addiction is real, and I couldn’t agree more with Ron Biang’s post, above…you are a man of God, Steve, and your light and His truth shined brightly through you as you presented this topic on KNBC with Colleen! My husband and I feel so thankful to be working with Newlife Ministries, and I, especially, look forward to hearing of the next date you will offer a Women in the Battle weekend! Happy Thanksgiving to each of you at Newlife Ministries!

  5. Awesome Job, I wish you could come out on local new here in Houston, there are a lot of guys who need you including me. I Just started EMB and It seems like it will be helpful Thanks for keeping it simple and full of christian references. I think I’ll be able to beat this.

  6. I watched this and honestly it was horrible. I had to turn it off because my children were in the room. Why in the world are you showing the images on the screen!!!??? Was this something you showed on national TV? You owe a serious apology to your viewers for the pornagraphic video shown in this clip…. at least to me. Do you think that the wives really needed to see this? Now it’s in their heads too of what their husbands are thinking of.

    This is not helpful to the men who are recovering either, You also owe an apology to those who have to edit your content before airing… if this is what you showed on air, it turns my stomach to consider what might have been cut out.

    Why can’t you just have the interviews with the people without the “extra visuals”? It’s because you WANT men to be addicted. You WANT families destroyed.

    I am truly disgusted

    • New life….
      me again. I thought that I was leaving a reply on the website of MNBC and just now realized that it is yours.

      However, I am now even more appalled that you as a Christ- centered recovery ministry would allow this smut video to be allowed on your site.

      It makes me glad to not suggest “New life” to my husband. It is a shame that he would not even be able to visit your website without seeing this.

      • I’m sorry you are so offended. I must be honest with you as a recovering sex addict, those images during the interview are as tame as a Barney Video to me. If your husband suffers from this addiction he unfortunately has seen much, much worse. Please don’t let the media discourage you, New Life had nothing to do with the screen shots.

    • As I said below, sorry that you were so offended. New Life had nothing to do with the media playing during the video. And I will say it again, if your husband is a sex addict, those images are as tame as a Barney video to him. As a recovering sex addict I know. Please send him to the site so he can get the help that he needs. I know that any image is a painful reminder and it hurts. It’s okay to be angry, but Steve’s message is what is important.

  7. I pray the eyes of many will be opened and they will be led to healing from this story. Thank you for your diligent and much needed work. To God be the glory!

  8. Steve,

    I don’t believe porn addiction needs healing. And therefore I don’t believe it is a sickness as some people think. I do believe that it is a bondage that requires FREEDOM. Prior to 2006, I tried for 5 years to break free from porn addiction and it was an experience that changed my life. God set me free in 2006 and I learned that constant prayer, accountability, renewing my mind and fasting were key to my freedom. I remember memorizing some scriptures and saying them out loud many times until I finally overcame what seemed like an insignificant temptation. As time went by and after failing by giving into temptations, I would overcome once again what seemed like a one time insignificant temptation. How? By quoting the scriptures I had memorized. On another occasion I overcame a temptation once again until finally God game me total victory. The war is won winning one battle at a time.

    Thank you for talking about sex and porn addiction. It is such a secret for a lot of people that it needs to be exposed to the light as it says in Ephesians 5:12-13 “For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by he light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.”

  9. My husband and I are separated and he recently returned from an EMB workshop. What all of this has failed to answer for me is how can he EVER have an intimate relationship with anyone when this is considered an “addiction”? Aren’t addicts required to give up ALL substances that feed into their addiction? This doesn’t provide much hope for those of us who have been left alone in this battle – both emotionally and physically.

  10. Regarding the wifeofasa comment – did I miss something? The video hardly showed anything in any detail – merely the suggestion of what the subject was about. What is really offensive is the recurring special on CNBC entitled, “Pornography, The Business of Pleasure,” that practically glorifies porn, how successful the sex industry is and is like an invitation to join in – making it seem as if it is the norm now, and not a big deal, that what could be wrong with it if millions are buying into it. They even portray one of the porn stars as being a sweet little girl from the burbs and show her with her baby and husband “just like normal folk,” being friendly with the townspeople, then she goes to work making big bucks spreading her legs and doing perverted acts. She looks like a barbie doll and fits the part; not some unassuming woman who blends in with “regular” people. Anyway, THAT particular expose’ is offensive because of the way it presents the subject, literally taunting the viewer. The Everyman’s Battle video explains the addictive nature of illicit sex/porn, the problems it causes, and a sincere desire to help people and correct the damages. The few graphics that go along with it are not so bad. Maybe just one still picture or a video with actors depicting the anguish porn causes would be a better selection, however. I am thankful that this subject is being presented as a problem, or a scourge if you will, in our society to counteract the acceptance and glorification of it on TV, the internet, and in the entertainment industry in general. God Bless.

  11. Great interview Steve! Let’s hope that this puts New Life & Every Man’s Battle into thew national spotlight. Your doing a great job and let’s hope for more media coverage of this hidden addiction.

    By the way, you looked good in the studio, maybe you missed your true calling as a TV host!

  12. First let me express my gratitude towards Steve Arterburn and NewLife Min. for being the beacon of light that many of us. men and women, have drawn encouragement and strength from over the decades. If there was anyone that would hear God’s, “Well done my good and faithful servant”, Steve would certainly be one of them! Thank you Steve for your diligent work and being there for so many! That was a great interview, very effective.
    Secondly I wanted to comment on the “wifeoasa” comment that was so abusive and legalistic in nature. As a male who always, yes always have been subjected to this sexual “draw”, perhaps from being sexual molested when I was 8-10 years old, I can clearly see how this wife would exacerbate the problem between her and her husband with he legalistic attitude. My wife comes from a “fire and brimstone” background, and is extremely controlling when it comes to anything “sinful”. With her, judgement comes before understanding and oftentimes the understanding part is left out. No, I have never subjected her to anything of an evil nature to make this statement, I have lived with her for enough years to know. Evil does not flee because we curse the darkness, evil flees when we invite the Light into our circumstances. Perhaps this wife has her own issues that she should deal with before she judge her own husband and Steve Arterburn for shedding the Light on the circumstances….

  13. Steve , you are a secular humanist in sheeps clothing. I read your book Toxic Faith and fear for you as you attack what you dont understand and retreat to a answer of psychological humanism. you seem to have no personal connection with Christ. you say “They call them Miracles ,because the rarely happen” how sad for you. they call them Miracles because God intervenes in the natural world and changes what naturally can not be changed. stop being the guru of masturbation and seek God.

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