Summer Vacation

Don’t take a summer vacation from your recovery!

This is the time when it feels easy to kick back and relax, to just breathe and enjoy life a little bit. And we should do that to a certain extent. Family vacations, the Disney experience, cruises and family and friends around the bar-b-q all have that “take a break” feel to them. But you can’t afford to take a break from your recovery.

I hear it frequently from guys who have been on the journey a while. They just want a break, to relax, to not have to think about integrity and character building. And truly, I believe that day will come for you. But not yet. It will be a natural thing that happens. You’ll naturally be able to relax and take a vacation because the tools and tactics of recovery will be second nature to you. You won’t have to focus so hard and be intentional about bouncing your eyes, controlling fantasy thoughts and stopping lust in its tracks; those things will be new, healthy habits that take less energy.

So if you’re wanting that break, press in. Don’t let up now. Your life and legacy depend on it.

One thought on “Summer Vacation

  1. Jason,
    I just completed the EMB Workshop in Denver with you. It was truly lifechanging: got rid of a lot of shame, self-hatred, and learned there are tools and a battleplan to beat this! Plus it gave me renewed hope!

    Thanks again for your sharing and all the great teachings I heard 1 week ago!

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