One thought on “What to do when your spouse is not open to your faith

  1. Thank you for posting your articles. I read most of them and appreciate them

    Was hoping for a Marriage encounter weekend near Boise Idaho. I separated from my husband of 25 years on 11/12/14. He locked me out with a death threat, left me several, 15-20, hate letters and notes. I pray daily for him, forgive him daily and have received a note that may indicate some progress. He does not know how to forgive and harbors a grudge for every error or misstep for years. We read How we love, together, and many others, but he chooses to use the info as a weapon against me and our marriage instead of as a tool to address his own issues.

    Please pray for us, I am Messianic and he is not.

    Trying to listen to How to get your marriage back on track after a separation. Says file not found. Is there a link that works?

    May Yahweh bless you, Heidy Mead

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