When Resolutions Wear Off

By now, many folks who made a “No More Porn” new year’s resolution have found their resolve beginning to wane. There is only so long someone can white-knuckle it, hanging on for dear life by their will alone. If you realize that you are barely making it, I hope you’ll take it as a time to acknowledge your weakness and the futility of your own strength. The only true freedom comes in the person of Jesus; for freedom He set us free.

We have to recognize that our best effort, on our best day guided by the best of intentions will still come up short. It’s at the end of ourselves we are most likely to find the beginning of Christ. Perhaps the end of yourself will be the end of your new year’s streak? Maybe it will be the decision to come to an EMB workshop? For some men it’s the moment they decide their wife really is not the problem. For others it is when they decide they are going to happen to life instead of just letting life happen to them.

I hope your self-reliance streak ends soon. The quicker that happens the quicker you can fall back into the arms of a waiting Savior.

3 thoughts on “When Resolutions Wear Off

  1. Jason, as usual, your words are right on the money and speaking to what is going on in the hearts of my men. I didn’t have a New Year’s Resolution to stop looking at porn but have a resolution in general to live without a hint of sexual immorality in my heart. I attended the EMB workshop in Dallas this past July and it’s been about 6 months. What I have learned and can share with others who are resolved to be different man is the truth that Jason simply put in his post today. There is no freedom apart from Jesus Christ! Period! I went to EMB hoping for freedom from my sexual sin and instead found freedom from sin and lies in every part of my life. The true journey that begins at EMB is a path to redemption that starts with the dirty closet but that will eventually inflitrate every part of life. I want to encourage every man who is resolved to be different to give up any idea that there is a quick fix, a pill, or even a 3 day workshop that will provide instant change. It’s a daily decision to lay down your cross and follow him. I know becuase I’ve been there and am living it today. The future can be terrifying and the mountain seemingly insurmountable but there is freedom to be found, and it’s better than I ever dared to imagine. Stay strong and seek him with all your heart!

  2. There’s something wrong with my theology. How do I come to terms with the fact that my best effort comes up short, but at the same time keep giving effort toward purity? I’ve vacillated between 2 extremes. Pulling myself up by own bootstraps, “white-knuckling” it, and just relaxing in God’s grace, taking advantage of it and not doing much to change. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Every piece of advice sounds like more things that I need to kick myself in the pants to do. For example, “… it is when they decide they are going to happen to life instead of just letting life happen to them.” How do I embrace that advice and still give God all the glory?

  3. This is such an accurate word. Lately, God has been revealing this to me that as long as I try to rely on my own strength I will fail but when I actually am humble enough to embrace my weakness and admit that to Him He always pulls me through. So when I fail now I just say that I must be too strong still and not weak enough to accept His perfect strength in my life. Sounds crazy, but in God’s economy things are often the opposite of what conventional wisdom would claim. God’s not looking for a bunch of tough guys who try to power their way through life by their own strength but instead guys who can admit their weakness and in humility rely on Him. This is what I have learned and as we say in CR, that’s my opinion and I own it.

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