Who’s Working Your Recovery?

When counselors get together and download about the struggle and difficulty of helping people one of the questions that comes up is this: “Who is working harder; the counselor or the client?”  If the counselor is working harder than the client, chances are the client isn’t going to experience any real change. The same is true for groups. If the support group and its members are working harder than an attendee who says he wants help, there is slim chance that attendee will see change. Neither a counselor nor a group can do the work of recovery for someone.

That begs a question we each have to answer:  Who’s working your recovery?

Is your counselor putting more energy into your recovery than you are? Is he the one driving the conversations and trying to motivate you? If your counselor weren’t asking you questions to dig deeper, would you be asking them of yourself?

What about your group and accountability partners- are they working harder at your recovery than you are? Do they make more calls to you than you do to them? Are they asking difficult questions that you should be answering for yourself well in advance of group? Are they more concerned with your integrity than you are?

Or perhaps your wife – is she working harder than you are? Is she hounding you about being accountable for your time, money, relationships, work, etc? Maybe she is doing that because you aren’t working very hard at it yourself.

Ultimately, we have to answer for our recovery. We are the one’s being called to the next level by the Living God. Do yourself and those that care about you a favor, and step up your game. Be the one working your own recovery.



6 thoughts on “Who’s Working Your Recovery?

  1. I jave one question concerning this article. What if you are working harder than you accountability partner. I sought one out and he said he felt it was of God, but he didn’t seem to have time for me. I finally got tired of the way he was treating me and decided to stop meeting. I didn’t really tell him why I was going to stop meeting with him.

  2. Doesn’t mean you stop searching-
    The addiction we struggle with never stops trying to get us to fall back into that pit of hopelessness, that is part of the plan of the adversary is to get us to stop looking for help so we stay trapped in that self destructive pattern of bondage. The Bible says, keep looking and you will find – keep asking and you will be answered. Keep fighting the good fight don’t ever give up or in. Put your “plan” of Victory into action with Christ and watch Him work it takes focus and accountability with honest and faithful men of God.

  3. loved you guys’ comments and enthusiam about the process of recovery. my daughter and her husband are divorced, partly over this problem in their marriage. Neither have remarried and I’m asking 4 ur prayers regarding them. I know there’s hope..I, too, have an addiction that I am working thru. i know how hard it is. I see this young couple getting remarried some day, I long 4 it, I pray 4 it…

  4. Thank u.Your mail has inspired me to keep reading every mans battle. It seamed as though I am fighting a loosing battle. Ive been fighting this battle since I was 11 yrs old. As long as I have breath, I will never stop fitghting evil. PS after all, I was a college wrestler and a UFC trainee, not to mention im Irish. I stopped all of that but ill always fight evil. Not because of Irish decent but because of the HOLY SPERIT which I recieved Jan 13, 1979. I remember as though it was yesterday. GOD Bless u all. Thank U

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