Worthy of Her Trust Winners!

Wow….thanks to everyone who posted their comments. Their were some fantastic and heartfelt posts. I wanted to provide a quick summary of the suggestions and what worked/helped-

  • The distinction between helping husbands understand the difference between being “told what to do” versus being asked to “protect my heart”.
  • Locking down phone, tv, internet
  • Answering any and all of a wife’s questions about sexual behaviors, past and present with honesty, promptness and without defensiveness.
  • Attending support group / Accountability meetings
  • Prayer & Scripture
  • Focusing & dwelling on the goodness of God. This is especially important because it contradicts the addiction, which is fueled by discontent and searching for greener grass.
  • Perseverance – several of the comments indicated the ongoing work years into the recovery process. This isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. For some of us, and ultra-marathon!
  • Service – beginning to serve others rather ourselves.
  • Attending EMB!
  • Taking full responsibility for the devastation our actions have caused.
  • Staying engaged emotionally when the conversations get difficult.

I can say, having lived it, that these things are spot on. If we will strive to do and engage in all these things, trust will begin to return.

Thanks again to all who posted! names

After randomly drawing names from a hat the winners are……

 TNT & Brion

4 thoughts on “Worthy of Her Trust Winners!

  1. I have been receiving “Every Man’s Battle” via email for several years now. Mostly I do not even open them anymore. However…I recently purchased “Worthy of Her Trust”. As I read I cry and cry. I cannot believe how “spot on” it is. I have been to intense sessions with Dr. Douglas Weiss and Dr. Harry Schumberg with my husband. I have attended CELEBRATE RECOVERY for six years. My husband was in AVENUES for three years. We have had many counselling sessions with a number of different religiously oriented counselors to NO AVAIL. My husband’s soul belongs to the devil and that is how he will die….with his peninsula in his hand…SAD BUT TRUE!

  2. I was a Deputy Sheriff, Happily married and in love with my wife. I was on duty, made an impulsive decision to have sex with a woman I don’t even know. Afterward, about a day or two later, I guess she realized that she could “get paid,” if she accused me of taking advantage of her. She called my supervisor, when asked, I told the truth, and was terminated. I deserved that. Of course my beautiful wife knew what had happened, when I got home that afternoon, she packed my bags and I haven’t been home since. This took place July 15, 2014. The lady that accused me was granted a restraining order by saying I made threats to her (I did not.) I am 44 years old, unemployed living with my 79 year old mother and have lost everything. I got so depressed that I took a full bottle of xanax (30)pills and laid down to hopefully not wake up. I woke up in ICU at a local hospital and once I was stabilized, I was taken to a secure facility for behavior management and ended up staying there 5 days. I am still unemployed, but I have given my life to God and I have finally gotten the faith to pray his Will be done. That was tough. I still struggle with depression a little, but He pulls me out and sometimes I even smile. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen in my life now, but I’m willing to let God take the lead. I still need help, maybe that’s why I’m writing this, because it’s totally out of character for me. Any recommendations that will help me?
    Thank you, Chris.

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