Healing Is A Choice Workshop

Healing is a Choice

Did you know that Healing is a Choice

It is God’s choice to heal, when to heal, and how healing will occur. Sadly we often make choices that prevent God’s healing or interfere with his timing. There are ten common lies that prevent people from making those healing choices. This intensive workshop is designed to help those struggling to find and experience the healing that is available from God.


At the Healing Is A Choice Workshop you will:

  • No longer passively ask God to heal others in your life but engage in the process of healing yourself.
  • Recognize how the choices we have made helped create the life we have now.
  • Discover what lies we are believing which prevent us from experiencing emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Transform your brokenness into a life on a mission!

Process Groups:
All workshop attendees attend general sessions then break out into individual process groups. In the groups, facilitated by a New Life Network Counselor, you will process this life changing information. You will begin to recognize how to integrate the healing choices into your everyday life. Issues addressed in these process groups include:

  • Abortion
  • Anger
  • Boundaries
  • Depression
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Forgiveness
  • Grief
  • Self-worth
  • Sexual Abuse

Workshop Speaker:


Steve Arterburn

Upcoming Weekend:

April 15-17, 2016
Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S. Syracuse St.
Denver, CO 80237
Group rate expires 3/25/16


I know that connection is a place of comfort and never want to go back to a life of loneliness. I am thankful to Steve in showing his brokenness and how connection has been a healing agent in his life.” – Jeff

It was the best money I ever spent! The results from that weekend have lasted and gave me the courage to seek additional counseling. I feel better about myself and my life and am now leading a Healing Is A Choice group at my church and helping a group of women to heal! Praise God for New Life Ministries!!!!– Sarah

I had my suicide completely planned out, right down to the time and location, and how God has completely restored and given back what Satan meant to destroy me with. I have never been so full of life and hope and hunger for the things of God in my life, not even as a new christian, years ago.– Jose

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