Jesus Didn’t Hurry

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Jesus Didnt Hurry

One of my staff members has a habit of reminding me that Jesus was never in a hurry. I’m always in a hurry, hoping for quick answers and looking for motion in the direction I want to go. But then I hear him say it again . . . “Jesus was never in a hurry.

I’ve thought about that and it makes me think of using a crock pot. The most tender, juicy meat you can fix is in a slow cooker. And, that’s how it is with healing. Healing is a process that won’t be hurried. It’s a slow cooker experience. And if you accept that, it will take the pressure off you to finish it up.

God desires for you to pay attention to Him and His creation in your life each day. When you race through life doing everything as fast as you can, you miss some pretty awesome things along the way. Every challenge, every growth opportunity, every surprise that comes your way is an opportunity for your to look for God.

Healing can be slow, but it doesn’t mean you’re not growing. Allow it to slow cook and you’ll have a tastier recovery filled with some mouth watering nuggets of wisdom. Let the Master Chef do His job with you.

Jesus was never in a hurry. Why are you?

– Steve Arterburn

Being in a hurry. Getting to the next thing without fully entering the thing in front of me. I cannot think of a single advantage I’ve ever gained from being in a hurry. But a thousand broken and missed things, tens of thousands, lie in the wake of all the rushing…. Through all that haste I thought I was making up time. It turns out I was throwing it away. – Ann Voskamp

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday. – A.A. Milne



  1. Great devotional that really speaks to where I am in life. I have several irons in the fire now with writing a new book, with church activities, and taking care of my health. Sometimes I get overly-anxious when I can’t get things done as quickly as I would like. Thank you for the reminder, Steve, to slow down, take my time, and rest in the Lord’s timing.

  2. Joe H. March 24, 2016 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    I couldn’t miss the implied converse. It made me think about how often I’ve chosen a pressure cooker when I had a full stomach and no deadline for the next meal. Thanks for the thoughtful essay that hits the spot.

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