Look Up and Move On

All bitterness, anger and wrath, insult and slander must be removed from you, along with all wickedness. And be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving one another, just as God also forgave you in Christ. – Ephesians 4:31-32

lookup&moveon.newlifeThe world holds few if any rewards for those who remain angrily focused upon the past. Still, the act of forgiveness is difficult for all but the most saintly men and women. Are you mired in the quicksand of bitterness or regret? If so, you are not only disobeying God’s Word; you are also wasting your time.

Being frail, fallible, imperfect human beings, most of us are quick to anger, quick to blame, slow to forgive, and even slower to forget. Yet as Christians, we are commanded to forgive others, just as we, too, have been forgiven.

If there exists even one person—alive or dead—against whom you hold bitter feelings, it’s time to forgive. Or, if you are embittered against yourself for some past mistake or shortcoming, it’s finally time to forgive yourself and move on. Hatred, bitterness, and regret are not part of God’s plan for your life. Forgiveness is.

– Steve Arterburn

Acrid bitterness inevitably seeps into the lives of people who harbor grudges and suppress anger, and bitterness is always a poison. – Lee Strobel

Anger breeds remorse in the heart, discord in the home, bitterness in the community, and confusion in the state. – Billy Graham

Bitterness is the trap that snares the hunter. – Max Lucado

Heavenly Father, free me from anger and bitterness. When I am angry, I cannot feel the peace that You intend for my life. When I am bitter, I cannot sense Your presence. Keep me mindful that forgiveness is Your commandment. Let me turn away from bitterness and instead claim the spiritual abundance that You offer through the gift of Your Son. Amen


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  1. Dorothy Phillips Duncan April 9, 2015 at 10:12 am

    I have a family situation that I feel hurt more than anger or bitterness! The past 5 years I have not been invited to family get-togethers in my sons home. They have their 2 sons and 2 daughters and their families there but I’m not invited. I know my grandkids don’t like it but they can’t do anything about it. My husband passed away over 4 years ago and it was like that for a couple years before he passed. It is so hard because they all belong to my church, except the one daughter that lives a couple hours away. I didn’t go to church last Easter Sunday because I knew they all were going to my sons home and I was not invited. They did an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner. I did go to my one granddaughters home that evening and played games with them and my great grandkids. I sent a note in the Christmas cards I sent to Rachel and Mark, Micah and Lydia and Jared and Holly plus my son, Steve and Mary asking if I had done something wrong to them. I want to be in their lives and my greatgrandkids lives. I said these things and they never responded. Micah did take me out to dinner after church one Sunday. My son and daughter in law came too! My son, Steve comes up to me at church and gives me a hug, my grandson, Micah does the same and the kids. I talked to the Pastor after my husband passed away and he talked to Steve and Mary but nothing really changed. I don’t want my Pastor to know what the situation is because he would really feel bad. I truly need your input on this situation and prayer. If I didn’t know the Lord as my Savior I never could get through each day. Love in Christ.

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