New Life Live: April 9, 2012


Topics: Parenting, Divorce, Dating, Affairs And Infidelity, Forgiveness
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Henry CloudDr. Jill Hubbard
Caller Questions:

  1. My divorced daughter’s boyfriend moved in and it’s affecting my grandson. 
  2. Should my 13yo adopted daughter move back home after being in residential treatment? 
  3. My boyfriend is sweet, but why does he hate it when I talk to other men? 
  4. How can I forgive myself for hurting my wife when I had an affair? 

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  1. 3rd caller

    Do you guys just think she was too fragile to tell her to run like crasy away from this ” really sweet” abusive man????

    the caller needs some heavy duty work to get her head on right because she is so desparate to have a man that she is with this loser. You did not mention – if you picked up on it – that she is sleeping with him because she said she wanted to get married due to her morals.
    So she is even more wound into this guy. I am afraid that she will not ahve the strength to get out.

  2. Barbara your boyfriend has a twisted sense of values. You have not determined any boundaries in your relationship. Control freaks prey on quiet, mild, meek women. You are going to disappear in this relationship. It will be all about his wants and you will be in the background. It is not a mature relationship and when you mature in a few years and see things differently, you will want to get away. I think you should read boundaries in dating. God Bless.

  3. The man that called in Monday stating he would masturbate after having sex with his wife made me wonder if this act would be considered cheating on his wife. This is something I struggled with when I was married. What is Steve and John and Henry’s opinion on masturbation within marriage?

  4. A man called in on Monday to discuss masturbation after having sex with his wife. This made me think, would this act be considered cheating? What is the answer to this ? in Steve and Henry and Dave’s opinion.
    Thank you,

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