Topics: Forgiveness, Christian Walk, Salvation
Hosts: Steve Arterburn and Guest Paul Young, author of The Shack which was released as a movie in 2017 with the same title

Caller Questions and Comments:

  1. My favorite part of The Shack was how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were characterized.
  2. I cried so much during The Shack movie because of my own family drama.
  3. I saw the movie 7 times because it deeply impacted me.
  4. Why did you have Jesus say He was not a Christian and was not trying to make everyone a Christian?
  5. Your book gave me healing and peace after my 18yo son drowned.
  6. I found myself witnessing to fellow African Americans after reading your book.

Suggested Resources:
The Shack  (not available from New Life)
The Mediterranean Love Plan

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