New Life Live: April 23, 2012


Topics: SeparationSelf WorthForgivenessParenting
Steve ArterburnDr. Dave StoopDr. Jill Hubbard

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Caller Questions:

  1. I feel too hurt to accept my husband is changing while we are separated. 
  2. How do I learn to have friends when I have a shame-based identity? 
  3. Why didn’t you ask the first caller if she had forgiven her husband? 
  4. The mother of my 12yo granddaughter wants to put her on birth control; should I step in? 

Suggested Resources:
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  1. It”s great to hear you say that forgivness is a process not an event

  2. Karen Forsyth says:

    Hello beloved New Life! Just wondered if more people like me would be willing to increase their giving by a dollar each month for a year and then increase by a dollar again the following year? and so on…for years to come! I don’t know your number of donors, so don’t know the impact, but with an annual email notice, it may get this dedicated group to think of what little bit more they want to give each month. A “Club Grow” membership!

  3. I attended the Marriage Workshop this last weekend and I appreciate that the advise and the tools given were solid, ‘let’s-get-real’ stuff. This was NOT a weekend of platitudes and surface-skimming conversation. I couldn’t encourage you more to go to this workshop the next time it is offered, especially if you are struggling. You can’t afford to not attend this workshop if you are married. This workshop gives you new tools and new understanding and then lets you put it to practice and before you leave you put together a plan for your marriage going forward. This is an outstanding, life-changing experience.

    • So, how do you get an avoider husband to attend when his stuborness against getting help (for many issues) seems stronger than me?

  4. Hello New Life. I would just like to comment in response to hearing the caller, Eric, who said that the wife is also to blame for husbands being abusive or unfaithful if she is not fulfilling his needs. Two years into my marriage I found my husband using pornography and also contacting old girlfriends online. I was fulfilling my husband’s sexual needs in every way, every day.I was there for him emotionally. I take very good care of myself as I am a model and I look many years younger than him. I never nag him or put him down. The hurt was unbearable when I found out, but I did forgive him with God’s grace. However, that does not mean that I forget or don’t expect him to gain my trust back.

  5. Good program today guys. We love you. Thanks for all you do.

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