New Life Live: April 29, 2016

From the Archives of New Life Live, This Show Originally Aired April 29, 2004

Topics: Affairs, Dating, Intimacy, OCD, Divorce, Boundaries
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. John Townsend, Dr. Henry Cloud

Caller Questions:

  1. My husband confessed having an affair and a child when the woman wanted money from him.
  2. I want to love my amazing fiancé, but why do I keep him at arm’s length since my temporary blindness?
  3. How can we help our 18yo daughter who was diagnosed with OCD by one psychiatrist and manic depressive disorder by another?
  4. How much stock do you put into emotions? I hear ministers preach they are ephemeral (short-lived) and not to live your life by them.
  5. My husband is sexually immoral and does not care; is divorce biblical?
  6. I get panicky when I set boundaries with my abusive boyfriend; how do I keep from giving in?

Suggested Resources:
God of Second Chances
You Can Do This  (option for God Will Make a Way)
Boundaries in Marriage

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  1. Ann May 1, 2016 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    Is it possible for me to speak to Steve Arterburn or Dr. Jill Hubbard on the phone, but off the air?

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