New Life Live: April 5, 2013

Topics: MarriageAdult ChildrenAlcoholismAngerAnxietySuicideAddictionForgivenessWorkaholics
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Sheri DenhamMilan Yerkovich
Caller Questions:

  1. Is there any hope for my marriage? My wife accused me of an affair I didn’t have. 
  2. How can I help my 49yo daughter who is a severe alcoholic and may end up in jail? 
  3. My wife confessed she has anger management problems; how can I help her? 
  4. Is it normal for my 7yo daughter to be anxious about school and life? 
  5. Dad committed suicide; how do I deal with my mom who has the same addictions? 
  6. What steps can I take to help my wife forgive my past workaholism? 

Suggested Resources:
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