New Life Live: August 10, 2015

Topics: Adult Children, Sexual Abuse, Grief, Alcoholics, Marriage, Boundaries
Hosts: Milan Yerkovich with Larry Sonnenburg and Guest Host Chris Williams, a therapist specializing in addiction, trauma and family recovery

Caller Questions:

  1. What would cause my adult son to be such a slob, like a tornado hit his home?
  2. Why would my son not attend his own daughter’s wedding just because his previous wife was there?
  3. How can I handle my functioning alcoholic husband who is in denial?

Suggested Resources:
Healing is a Choice
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These are the Every Man’s Battle Workshop testimonies that were read on the radio today:

I came to this workshop highly skeptical. I was almost angry and felt forced to attend in order to have any chance of going forward with my wife. As the first day went on I found that every man in my group was struggling with the same things I was experiencing. It provided me an opportunity to share like never before. I understand what I have done to my wife, to her trust, to her self-esteem and to her image of me. I now have the tools to work toward improving. I have the network of support to encourage and strengthen me. This weekend has given me hope for the first time in a very long time. – Todd

What I learned this weekend has changed my life in a profound way. Until this weekend I didn’t understand what my addiction had done to the woman I love the most and how it had affected me. My heart was so full of shame, anger and guilt that I was blind to the cycle I had created and had convinced myself that there was no hope. This program saved me from myself. And I could feel the Holy Spirit healing my wounds and the pain I had from them. My heart has been restored. Finally, I can be the man and husband that God created me to be. – Mark G.

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  1. brad stackler August 12, 2015 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    i heard a man was leaving an unbelievable mess in his” junkyard” apt,but was very clean abt body.the thought on this radio show was 1st suggested remotely poss. that he cd have ocd? but later during august 10 show found it was a surprising sexual abuse situation as a child that is the base for that prob. i have had severe ocd for 23 years which is treated and worked out of me to a large extent now, but i DID keep the highest PRIORITY cleaness thing i.e., my body (like him) but so exhausting was all cleaning that i wouldnt do the household cleaning jobs because i feared they would exhaust me every day. i made this short and im sure you therapists and doctors there know a lot about how ocd works, but i just wanted to let u know (hopefully not patronizingly) that those symptoms went for abuse but also for ocd.

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