Topics: Alcoholics, Parenting, Depression, Anxiety, Adult Children, Aging Parents
Hosts: Dr. Dave Stoop, Dr. Jill Hubbard with Larry Sonnenburg

Caller Questions:

  1. How do I get my alcoholic husband to counseling?
  2. My 17yo daughter found out my husband is not her real dad and their relationship is cold.
  3. What is my next step for depression and anxiety since meds didn’t help?
  4. Should I pursue a relationship with my 21yo son after kicking him out of the house?
  5. My 91yo mom wants more money from me; do you think I should give in?

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Here is the Lose it for Life testimony that was read on the radio today:

Before coming to this weekend, I often felt isolated and alone in my struggle with food. No one understood that I actually had issues with food because it wasn’t readily apparent by my physical appearance. This weekend has been a life changing experience. The main sessions were informative and interspersed with humor and laughter. Steve’s willingness to be “real” about his own struggles allowed me to fully accept that I was broken too and needed to deal with things that I had buried every time I took a bite of food when I wasn’t hungry. The compassion and empathy of our small group counselor allowed each of us to feel safe to be vulnerable with each other from the first minutes we were together. Feeling the comfort of connection and acceptance with my group ladies even after exposing my brokenness was nothing short of God’s miraculous power. If someone is considering this workshop, don’t give in to the enemy and voice that tells you it isn’t something that you should consider. Go for it, trust God, and see the amazing ways He will work through the New Life team. – Paula

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