Topics: Aging Parents, Grief, Divorce, Marriage, Church Life, Parenting
Hosts: Dr. Jill Hubbard, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. How do I help my 84yo mom with her difficult friend?
  2. I never grieved my divorce from my apostate husband; how do I get unstuck?
  3. Is it wrong for a husband and a wife to attend different churches?
  4. I am divorced; what steps can I take to bridge the relationship with my teen children?

Suggested Resources:
How to Have that Difficult Conversation
Changes That Heal

This is the Every Man’s Battle testimony Milan read on the radio today:

When I came to the workshop I was very anxious about confronting my problems and discussing them with strangers.  But right from the start our group leader me to feel accepted and loved.  I soon realized that I was not alone and that I had brothers in this battle to help me.  This weekend has exceeded any expectations and has transformed me to my core.  I feel truly blessed to have come to this workshop.  God truly showed up in a powerful way and I will never be the same.  While this is just the start of the journey to reconciliation with my spouse, I am encouraged and hopeful. – Jon

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