New Life Live: January 19, 2017

Topics: Infidelity, Sexual Integrity, Anxiety, Depression, Sexual Intimacy, Marriage, Texting, Sexual Abuse, Death, Grief
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Milan Yerkovich and Guest Host Dr. Alice Benton

Caller Questions:

  1. My ex does not own up to his infidelity; how do I get past the hurt, anxiety, and depression?
  2. My husband rejects my advances for sexual intimacy; what do I do now that he is texting other women?
  3. How do I deal with the pain of my daughter being molested by my husband and the murder of my mother and sister?

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  1. Brenda March 23, 2017 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    RE:3rd caller

    Leave this man. He will not change. Men who prey on children have the highest recidivism rates. They won’t stop being sexual predators. I served on a jury where at 73 yr old man was on trial for molesting his step-great-granddaughter. It came out in the trial that he had also molested his step-daughter (the girl’s grandmother) 40 yrs earlier. We convicted him and gave him life in prison. The judge told us afterwards that the research shows along with his experience with child sex abuse cases, that these types of predators will never stop on their own. Don’t hurt your daughter any longer by staying with this man. She deserves for you to stand up for her and do what is right.

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