New Life Live: January 8, 2013


Topics: BipolarMarriageAffairsMasturbationBlended Family,
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Dave StoopDr. Jill Hubbard
Caller Questions:

  1. Would medication be helpful for my bipolar mom? 
  2. Is sleeping in different bedrooms OK or a sign of something wrong? 
  3. What shall I do now that I have found my 64yo husband visiting dating sites? 
  4. As a pastor’s kid, I find it difficult to open up to others. 
  5. Is masturbation OK? 
  6. How shall I respond when my husband sides with his own kids over me? 

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  1. Some people become very destructive when they go off meds. Adrienne you remind me of something else. That is whenever someone has issues or problems with boyfriend, or spouse, the blame always goes to their past, or their parents. While this may be partially true, I believe there are many other factors in why one ‘chooses’ a person.

  2. Regarding Julie’s sensitivity to sounds, I am similar. In church, or a movie theater, I find people who crack gum or other things are highly annoying because they are not concerned with others in their vicinity. I see it as a petty way to get attention, and that is why it’s annoying to me. It’s really not sociable to do those things in public. It shows lack of consideration and refinement, and like cutting their toe-nails, some things should be done in private.

  3. hi adrienne, i hear your concern for how the panel answered the woman with a bipolar mom. being a 35 year old woman who has had bipolar since 19, on and off meds, in out of the hospital until i realized that i need to stay on my meds or i’ll lose my daughter stabilized me. i know how much ive hurt my family and friends along the way, and i’ve lost many who could not handle me as a person and who may or may not have been emotionally fragile as well. but the advice they gave is probably the best thing for the daughter. it was the most practical and loving thing she could do for her mom given they live far and that being bipolar can bring you to a place of isolation. so i do agree with you in a sense that a bipolar person will be harmful to an emotionally fragile person, but if one of the people of my life gave up on me, i would be alone, left to myself and even more depressed and in a pit. maybe it’s God’s grace that there’s so much distance between them so that the daughter is somewhat protected to a degree?? i would say just as you have expressed about the panel that they shouldn’t judge others, also do the same because they are all experienced, checking one another in giving sound advice. ‘where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety’ proverbs 11:14 May God bless you in Christ

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