Topics: Sexual Abuse, Pedophile, Marriage, Narcissists, Dating, Avoiders, Divorce, Parenting
Hosts: Dr. Sheri Keffer, Milan Yerkovich with Larry Sonnenburg

Caller Questions:

  1. My husband denies molesting a family member; should I end it with him?
  2. Will the Marriage Weekend work for me and my OCPD husband? 
  3. How can I get away from a 10yr narcissistic relationship and survive?
  4. My angry avoider husband is coming home after living in another state for 6mos; how can we communicate?
  5. We got divorced 8yrs ago and now my 13yo son is asking questions about it.

Suggested Resources:
Forgiving the Unforgivable
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We had several testimonies read on the show today:

This is the Healing is a Choice Workshop testimony:

Before coming to this weekend, my life was isolated, sad, lonely, full of shame and self-anger.   Helpless- I felt I had worked so hard for so long and still was a mess. Felt I would always be broken, no matter what I did or how hard I worked. This weekend has been freeing. It gave me the safe place to finally say – outloud , to other humans -the shame that has kept me held captive. It’s given me new lifetime friends. I leave here with courage to continue on my healing path and new tools to help make the journey. I have a renewed belief that I can be who God intended me to be. I will heal with God’s help. To anyone considering attending this event, I’d say: Come! Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from this healing workshop. – Lori

This is the Marriage Solution Workshop testimony:

This New Life Marriage weekend has been more than what I could think would happen! The Lord has shown up in a major way in the hearts and minds of my wife and me. He multiplied the small measure of willingness that we had coming here into a harvest of restoration and reconciliation. This Marriage Weekend is the best opportunity out there for the purpose of helping or restoring your marriage bar none! – Brad

This is the We Dared, 30-Day Challenge testimony:

I just want to let you know that the 30 Days of “We Dared” has been a huge help to me in “bouncing my eyes”.  I’ll share a few examples.  First, just a little about myself.  I am a 68 year old grandfather, former pastor. and now a construction worker – working for my son.  I drive a big truck and so I come and go on road construction sites all day.  As I roll along I see all kinds of pretty girls on the sidewalk.  I am learning not to linger on their feminine beauty but to pray for them instead.  A few days ago I was in one of the construction shacks and I just sort of “became aware of a picture of a topless woman” picture, before I actually saw it – and was able to walk away without actually seeing it.  This past week we were working at an intersection of a street installing a water main.  There, 30 feet in front of me was a ten foot tall “Hooters Girl”.  I had to sit there in my truck for 10 minutes or so several times as my truck was being loaded.  Because of the “We Dared” campaign, I am happy to say that I never lingered on her picture as I sat in front of it. Last but not least, I get much of my news from the Fox News Website.  Previously, I had often clicked on the “articles” which showed way too much of the female body.  Since going through the program, I haven’t done this once!  I know that this will always be a struggle, but so far, God has given my strength to “stop before I get too excited and want to see more.” I’m not sure exactly were the “this is pornography” line begins.  But it seems to me that a guy can see “pornography” without actually going to a porn website. Thank you so much for the tremendous help I received in the “We Dared” program.  I pray God will continue to give you the creative and inspirational ministry you lead.  I just watched your “Father’s Day” message at Heartland.  “Good job”, my friend.  I love who you are and what you do.  Keep up the good work.

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