New Life Live: July 22, 2016

From the Archives of New Life Live, This Show Originally Aired on June 8, 2004

Topics: Anger, Affairs, Weight Loss, Fear, Boundaries
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. John Townsend

Caller Questions:

  1. How can I release my anger over my husband having an affair?
  2. I need help with my obesity or I am going to die.
  3. Why do I seem happy to others, but inside I am fearful and put up walls?
  4. When I feel selfish, I pray for the callers and it takes the focus off of me.
  5. Should I set boundaries with my husband even though he feels bad about having another affair?

Suggested Resources:
You Can Do This  (option for God Will make a Way)
Lose It for Life
Safe People  (option for How People Grow)
Every Man’s Bible
Boundaries in Marriage
Every Man’s Battle

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  1. Tanya July 25, 2016 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    Lately, I have been getting a confluence of pointers to sing to the Lord. Especially first thing in the morning, I’ve been recalling songs that were staples of Praise and Worship at the church I went to during 1995 – 2000; especially memorable have been four songs, each based upon a verse of Psalms (100:4; 8:1; 118:24; 96:1). Cold out of sleep, singing is not my preference, but it has seemed like a Divine order, so shouting out of tune or however I can muster is a recent daily addition.
    Thus I got extra delight out of the banter about “God Will Make A Way,” because it too, from said church, was a staple song, but one that had escaped my recollection. As such, I was impelled to refresh my memory with a search on it:

    First Line: God will make a way where there seems to be no way
    Title: God Will Make a Way
    Author: Don Moen
    Meter: Irregular
    Language: English
    Copyright: © Copyright 1990 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music (ASCAP)(c/o Integrity Media, Inc. 1000 Cody Road, Mobile, AL 36695.

    • Vicki July 26, 2016 at 4:23 pm - Reply

      This song got me through cancer in 1990 when my kids were very young. It was my lifeline.

  2. Tanya July 27, 2016 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    I had no idea that posting the music video’s address would embed the video here. I was almost shocked to see that happen, so I totally agree with the removal. LOL

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