Topics: MarriageAlcoholicsBoundariesMother IssuesParentingDifficult ConversationsPleasers 
Hosts: Steve ArterburnMilan Yerkovich and Guest Host Kay Yerkovich

  1. Caller Questions:
    1. My husband is not willing to get help; how much should I know about his past? 
    2. I am separated from my alcoholic husband; what is my next step? 
    3. The Marriage Solution Workshop was so great! 
    4. My mom has lung cancer and won’t tell me who my bio dad is; should I insist or let it go?
    5. I am the nanny to a 6yo; how can I talk to his mom about his behavior problems without offending her? 
    6. How do I heal so I don’t make the same mistake of marrying an abusive man? 
    7. I disowned two of my siblings; will God judge me for that? 

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