Topics: Sexual IntegrityPornographyBlended FamiliesGrandparentingDivorceDating 
Hosts: Steve Arterburn and Guest Host Jim Daly, President and Host of Focus on the Family

Caller Questions:

  1. Thank you for Every Man’s Battle!  How much should I disclose to my wife? 
  2. My 17yo daughter from a previous marriage moved in with her dad after I remarried; how do I heal this relationship? 
  3. Thank you for Focus on the Family and for New Life Live! 
  4. What role do we play with our 11yo grandson while his parents are separated? 
  5. Comment: I told my wife I wouldn’t sign divorce papers until she watches
  6. What boundaries do I set with my boyfriend after finding out he has a porn addiction? 

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The Good Dad  (by Jim Daly)
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Every Man’s Battle

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