New Life Live: July 31, 2014


Topics: ParentingMarriageBlended FamilyPornographyDatingSingle 
Hosts: Steve Arterburn and Guest Host Marilyn Meberg

Caller Questions:

  1. Should I bring my angry 13yo stepson from the Philippines to live here in the U.S.? 
  2. How do I let go of my husband who is addicted to porn when I love him so much? 
  3. Is it ok to date an unbeliever? 
  4. Am I called to be single forever after being divorced? 

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  1. Hi Sam-
    I heard you on the program today. I am a HUGE, HUGE NLM supporter, I go way back and think most of the time they are right on. However, in your case in regards to your grounds for remarriage I agree with you (I had a similar situation). The bottom line is whether it’s NL people or whomever giving you advice (including me), you’ve got to have peace in your heart with God with your decision to remarry or not. Even though you & I agree on your decision it sure wouldn’t hurt to ask God if you are believing a lie about not being able to remarry at this point to make it REALLY CLEAR to you if you are wrong. Continue though seeking His Will on what ministry to pursue (with children or not) and He WILL lead you (I’ll pray for direction for you as well). Hey, if I never meet you here on earth, I’ll see you in the air….or up there! love & hugs Your Sister in Christ- Kate Z. :)

  2. Ms “I’m confused because I’m dating a Muslim”–sorry to come off a little harsh but how is it that you don’t understand basic Christian principles? It’s obvious and clear as day that you’re entering into a relationship that is going to be full of conflict. I’m in-sensed because she believes that by being a “good christian” he’s going to change and see the light. Are you serious? He doesn’t even share your basic values…hence the reason you don’t date people who don’t believe in what you believe. CUT IT OFF! It’s not your job to change anybody.
    You love JESUS–he loves MOHAMMED. I’m sure he has a lot of good character qualities and respects your faith but “how can two walk together unless they agree?”

  3. Oh Lily, my sentiments exactly, there is no way this man is going to change or abide in her faith, no way, no how. Trust me, been there done that but I wasn’t trying to change my Ex I just wanted him to respect my faith and work with me in my progression, I had to trust that God would work with him if in fact this man was meant for me…hence Ex. I think she’s coming up with excuses and arguments to defend this man but they will never be equally yoked. I pray she realizes that soon and keep things moving in her life and in her faith. Blessings!

  4. Just like Joy, women are always thinking they will be an example for a guy to change. It seems the guys know it, and they are in no way interested in changing, only in controlling her feelings so that she will be in for a big surprise later when she really gets to know him.

  5. It sounds like Sam is through with empty promises, and she is not interested in a man right now. It seems to me that she is very reflective and has realized that she is not ready to settle down with anyone, and needs to grow and experience life without a man. When the right one comes along she will know it. I felt the advice to her was to look for another man, but I disagree. She is not ready, nor did I feel she wants that now.

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