New Life Live: July 8, 2013


Topics: DatingAlcoholicsAdult ChildrenMarriageCodependencyBoundaries
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Henry Cloud
Caller Questions:

  1. Thanks for your advice, Steve! 
  2. Should there be adjustments in your dating books for a 72yo man? 
  3. My husband lied about his drinking; what is the next boundary? 
  4. How can I help my 22yo daughter who quit school and drinks and smokes pot? 
  5. We stopped our divorce, but my 17yr marriage is dead; how can I cope? 
  6. Am I selfish if I don’t want to rescue my older sister and let her live with me? 
  7. My husband convinced our therapist I am schizophrenic like my mom, but I am not. 

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  1. Stephanie Rees says:

    Should my stepdaughters ages 19 & 13 attend alinon(sp) meetings for alcoholic mother?

    • Hi Stephanie

      It is nice to hear you showing care for your step daughters.

      Alanon can be a great support for those who love an alcoholic. Alateen is a great option for teens if there is a meeting in your area. You can always provide information (lots of materials online) for them and let them decide what to do with it.

      Bless you!

  2. My sister is terribly needy and I have NOT let her live with me! I don’t feel guilty about it. I give her advice. Signed her up for a typing class (with her own money), but she has to go out there on her own.

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