Topics: Forgiveness, Affairs, Emotional Abuse, Trust, Controller, Getting Unstuck
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Sheri Keffer, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. How many times do I have to forgive my wife for her emotional affairs?
  2. Is there a way to relate to a controlling husband with trust issues?
  3. My 2nd husband is no better than my 1st husband and I am unemployed; how do I get unstuck?

Suggested Resources:
Forgiving the Unforgivable
How We Love
Changes That Heal

This is the Marriage Solution Workshop testimony Steve read on the radio today –

My life before this weekend has been a wreck, teetering on the edge. Although my spiritual life and relationship with God has been on the mend recently, this weekend boosted me to another level spiritually. This weekend has been life-saving and spiritually strengthening. I am getting closer to turning my whole life over to God, with an honest faith, to direct the rest of my life. I am leaving the workshop with a heart renewed with love, compassion and appreciation for my wife and our marriage, and more faith in God to give me direction. There should be a law that all newlyweds attend this workshop. It is an absolute must, regardless of your current life condition. – Douglas

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